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NRU Member
17 Nov 2012
bedford, uk
sorry i havent been around peeps i had a nasty accident and nearly severed my finger. cutting the nerves and tendons so im out of action for a few weeks:(
good luck rommelz with that one . hope its your left hand if you are right handed :}
"I need medic here!" :( Try heal yourself, hope you get better soon. :)
thanks peeps lost the feeling in the end of my finger so at least it dont hurt anymore:) ill try having a game laterz ive been so bored:(
Hi Rommelz, may you feel better soon!
Good luck with that I servered my arm around 16 years ago and still have no feeling in the fingers and limited movement in my thumb. I still do alright though in gaming and generally so don't worry to much.

I will post a picture of it soon, my scar is still the same as it was and you can still see every stitch mark, it was 38 metal stitches holding my arm together.

Edit : oh yeah it is my right arm that controls the mouse :)
It was an accident with a large pane of glass, the only thing that stopped it taking my whole arm off was the fact it hit the elbow which is a large piece of bone. At the time I lost 27 pints altogether up to and during a 5 hour operation, was in intensive care for 2 weeks and normal hospital for another month. Was proper fucked up.

I am left handed anyway :)
sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet not good mr ninja .

do you get a cold sweat whenever you see a window ? lol.

sorry bud :} well it was a bit funny .
No feeling in fingers and still ninjafoetus have 2,76 K/D-ratio on BF3. It's our luck he don't play BF2 and kick our noob asses. :D
You know it Sam. I can not feel the fingers i use to press the left or right mouse buttons. Heik check out my bf2 account i have always haad this since i started gaming on bf veitnam. My bf2 name was ninjafoetus, bc2 was Ninja_Foetus. Basically i manage :)
On BF3 most kills with knife? LOL this guy must be fakin MacGyver. :D Checked your stats on BF2 too. !admin ninjafoetus probably cheating! :D :D :D
nah hes just got a better computer lol lol lol .

yea please dont come back to bf2 , regards, rich.
"Everybody who is better than me must be cheater!"

I have bad knee and lower back that's why my K/D-ratio is crappy 1 LOL. :D

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