AV receiver has died :(

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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Had an Onkyo AV receiver for a while now. Always been pleased with it and when I got it the reviews were always very good. However, over the last couple of weeks it would occasionally have no sound. Switching off at the mains cured it for a while but then it would do the same thing. Until yesterday when that "fix" stopped working. Had to resort to listening through the TV and how rubbish does that sound! Tried all the usual alternative fixes like giving it a slap but to no avail.

Started looking for a replacement and the Sony 1050 seemed to be the best option for what I was prepared to pay. Thought I would have a look on the Onkyo site to see if it was a known problem with a cure or if a repair was possible. At this point I found a page saying that some units had a faulty chip and were eligible for a cash back (towards another product) or repair. Just enter the serial number to check. So after some crawling on the floor with a torch to get the serial number and preparing myself for disappointment I add the number and hit enter. My device was affected so I can get it repaired! Thought about the cash back but their recent products haven't been getting glowing reviews. They will pay for postage which is good too.

The reason for this post is that it is worth checking if something breaks to see if it is a known problem. We had a similar thing with a kettle. I boiled the kettle, lifted it up and the handle fell off! Yep, boiling water went everywhere but luckily not on me. Got a replacement but have been scared to us it. A kenwood kettle did the same and even though it was out of guarantee they replaced it. A polite enquiry email often works rather than a Mr Annoyed one.

The only issue with the receiver is I have to deal with that in the photo! I'm a bit OCD with cable management and ignored this as it was out of the way. So now I will rationalise the network cables and just use a switch and see if anything else can be made redundant.


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Isobel, just looked and shook her head!

When I last "dealt" with it I got rid of a load of SCART cables and HDMI certainly helps. With the TV, DVD, PS3, Apple TV and Sky+ boxes all having network cables it is a mess. I'll make short Ethernet cables and use the switch rather than have long cable runs from the main switch and router!
Waaaaaaaaaaait DVD, pc,ps2 and ps3 all do the same job :p

That is true but BluRay is better than PS3 and some games still not on PS3 so PS2 survives. PC plug is actually something else - need to find out what. DVD Recorder gets used occasionally to record older films that are not on that often. Isobel likes using her CD player rather than the BluRay so...
I have an Onkyo AV receiver too and I regret buying the damn thing. Two years after the purchase the hardware handling HDMI broke down and some time later some other piece of electronics stopped working so I can't play music from a mp3-player with it. HDMI problem sorted now. Seen on websites that I'm not alone... Thus, will never buy Onkyo crap again.

Plan to ditch it in a year or so when more receivers have support for 4K and HDCP 2.2. Maker probably Pioneer, Sony or Yamaha.
Apart from this it has been fine and I like the sound for TV and music. Also, the remote works with everything so no need for the fancy Logitech I used to have or the massive Sony thing that was about the size of an iPad (10" not mini).

Ideally I would go for seperates but even selling a couple of mine and Isobel's limbs and organs wouldn't buy my dream set up!

Many still don't have enough HDMI inputs (DVD/BluRay, PS3, Sky+, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, PC/Laptop) and a few don't seem to cope with hi-res FLAC files. Plus with 4k HDR TVs on the horizon there is still a lot of changes in the pipeline I would also prefer to wait.

Rationalised the network cables and removed 40m of ethernet cables that were feeding the home heating hub, Apple TV, BlueRay player, TV, PS3, and receiver and replaced them with home made cables. Also found a few redundant cables and removed them. One of the pains of the receiver is that the speakers had to be bound to the post but as I had to move it discovered that a little blanking disk can be removed and banana plugs used instead which should make it so much easier to rewire after the repair.

If you have an Onkyo product with a problem you can see if it can be repaired here:

https://repair.onkyousa.com/eu/ and then select you country
or here: Onkyo | Product recall

Maybe worth checking if you do have a device.
Used the receiver for AV switching and sound so having it fail was a big loss. However, the TV has speakers so that will be fine for a short time. The return box arrives today so with a bit of luck it should be back within a week so we can put up with TV sound. Er, I can't. The TV sound is so awful I have had to dig out some old (but still good sounding speakers) and get a cheap amp (£27) to power them and feed the output from the TV's headphone socket in to that. Actually sounds really not bad and such an improvement to the built-in TV speakers. Once the receiver is back I will probably use the amp and speakers for the PC. Should be better for mucjking around with music than the Creative 2.1 I currently have.


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Had that little amp for a few days now and have been quite impressed with it. Once I get the receiver back I will use the speakers and amp with the PC and see how that works. Doesn't need to go super loud just sound good.
LP-2024A+ Hi-Fi Mini Stereo Amplifier Car Amplifier: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

With regard to the receiver, after filling in the online form I got notification that they were sending packaging. Luckily, I had got the receiver unplugged and out as when the packaging arrived via DPD it was also to be collected! Hopefully I'll get it back this week.

Whilst it probably shouldn't have failed at least they are repairing it outside of the guarantee and paying for packaging costs. I had the autofocus fail on my Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 lens just after the guarantee ran out. Paid the postage both ways and for the repair so the total was about £100. Got it back and it still didn't work! I could actually hear some thing rattling inside and they wanted me to pay for postage both ways. I politely told them that I wouldn't be paying for it and after some back and forth communication got it repaired. Not great customer service.
Receiver is delivered back today after being repaired so I have been sorting out some shorter HDMI leads to connect things rather than the 2m ones I was using for a .5m distance. This should help tidy things up. Also, invested in some banana plugs for the speaker leads which will also help. Hadn't uses banana plugs before because the info said that was only available on the U.S. version and not the EU version for some reason. As I had the receiver out I had a look at the speaker posts and saw that they were blocked by a small plastic plug. Some levering with a small screw driver removed them and they are now ready for banana plugs. Using bare wires on binding posts was such a pain to get right and tight especially as there was little room for my sausage like fingers. :D

I've now moved the speakers an amp to the PC. Mrs Wilson has yet to see that and has therefore yet to express an opinion. The Mission speakers are old but pretty decent and the little amp does a pretty good job of driving them. After a quick test with music I tried Playing a round of BF4. That was really confusing. Audio gives a lot of directional clues, even in stereo, that you can react to. The hit marker can also help but I probably rely on audio more. I was getting killed from places opposite to where the shots were coming from. BF 4 crashed so I took the opportunity to check all the speakers cables and leads were correct and they were. Turns out that the speaker outputs are labelled the wrong way round and swapping them over resolved the problem.

Speakers aren't too big for the desk and are good for Logic Pro and I'll try BF4 again later.


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