Autobalance Working Not As Intended?


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5 Dec 2016
I recently started playing BF4 with my friends, and we found Noobs R Us server as our best pick. We really like playing here but as we are playing in group of 2 to 4 people we often found ourselves autobalanced to other team. We searched some forums and found out that if you are in platoon autobalance doesn't move you to other team, but here, even though we are in same team, squad and platoon we are separated. All of us play on similar level and we get pretty much same scores. So I'm writing here to ask if it is possible to play as a team without separating us or is it intended feature, which makes it impossible to play with friends.


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hi bauhas, nice to see you here. :)

autobalance is sometimes a pain in the ass because it not always working very well.

let me explain. from morning to maybe 15-16:00 the server is running in "EA official" mode. this means all our plugins, admin controlls and balancer not working.
we start the server in official mode because than it starts faster because we get all the player from the qiuckmatch button.

later over the day if the server is mostly full some of us will restart the server in ranked mode. so all our plugins, anticheat and balancer are working. sadly, we get no more player from the Quickmatch button anymore and it least a bit longer till the server is full again.

this means, if you have this problem in time the server running in official mode we can do nothing because in that mode is only the EA balance working.

if you have this in the evening than it normaly should not happend because most of the time the autobalancer running in standard mode what means that you are in a squad with same tags, than you not get seperated. only from time to time i switch that into a agressive mode when the teams are too unbalanced. than you will get seperated also you have the same tags in squad.

on the other hand, sometimes the autobalancer is not working 100% and seperate everyone and going crazy loool

however, just ask ingame that some admin can switch you back. that is no big deal.


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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
The only caveat to asking for a team swap is that we are playing too so it is possible that we may not see any request for a swap in chat. If you don't see anything happen just ask again and hopefully someone should see it and make the change for you. Sometimes when the map vote message is on chat can scroll quite fast a some messages get missed.

Feel free to introduce yourself and your mates on here. We are a friendly lot and it is nice to know where players are from. I started playing on the NRU servers a while back and enjoyed the friendly approach but also the attitude of the group to make it a nice place to have fun and not get abused for using "noob" weapons etc.

The only other thing I would mention is the language filter. It is not intended to stop banter or having fun but even some basic words can get you warned or kicked. You need to be a bit creative sometimes! :)