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18 Jan 2017
Heyo Guys!

My Name is Justin, and i'm from Germany.
I was about to apply for the Membership of NRU :D

A few things to my Person:
-22 Years old (20.11.1994)
-as work i am a Homecaregiver for old ppl :eek:
-my Profile is clean as the Cocain from Cuba

Well, if u guys have more Questions, just ask me! :D

This is my BF3/BF4 Account -> Progression - H3adhunt3rs1 - Battlelog / Battlefield 4

I think a few ppl will known me :)

I hope i can pass those Trial membership, to become a part of this Clan :D

So guys, Cya, hf and GL :)
Alright Justin,if the vote is a successful one, then we welcome you. Wear them tags with pride you will be welcomed into something special. Enjoy and good luck.
Btw what time do you play?
Justin, trial membership vote has started. If you are successful there will be a 2 month trial period and then another vote for full membership.
Wich Time i when i got time for this game ^^" It's actually just my 2nd game ^^ but yea i can play every day after my work :) and thanks for those reply! :)) Im so exited :D
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