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New Member
4 Jan 2014
May I join pretty please?

Haha my names is Dustin

In-game I go by YellowDB

I'm American

From New Hampshire

I play all sorts of games and I'm a honest and a nice guy I love to have fun and bring fun to what ever I'm playing and to whoever I'm playing with started games back when BF1942 came out and NO bans!

Member that now me
1. AndyS40
2. glenwilson
3. Heikkinen88
4. lakaelo
5. DarkByD3sign

Well hope to get to know all of you and play with you all soon!
Hi YellowDB,

Just seen your introduction post, TY for your application.
Before we can start you application you will need at least 60 days active forum activity (so we can get to know you better) and 100 hours on our servers.
I just checked no game tracker and you logged around 30 hours on our servers.
So keep up the good work and stay active in our community and we will start your application in no time.
Hi dustin good to see you on the forum...
I can vouch for him
He's regularly on our servers and now BF4
Always polite
And good luck with your application, there should be an assignment for this like in BF4 or BF3 only for the dedicated :p
Yeap can recommend him too :D

Always polite player and even comes on TS from time to time ;) Take him as example ^^
It's sweetie! :) I played against him last weekend. All I can suggest is if u want to be a part of this clan u need to understand that while u get to use our servers and have admin you also have to fulfill your obligation to the clan and server by making sure people aren't camping/
Raping uncaps or bases etc...
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I too can vouch for YellowDB.

He's a decent player and very helpful in-game. He's always polite and knows how to tea-bag which nowadays is a must!

Best of luck with your application mate!
Re : Application For YellowDB

BF2 player too ? we need some littles cadavers to teabagg.
Good luck
Re: Re : Application For YellowDB

Well used to I haven't played bf2 since 2009 and I don't now where my cds went for it lol
Re : Re: Re : Application For YellowDB

it's same the bike , it return fast :)
5 years without playing bf2 , 1 month to retrieve my spirit in this monter's world.

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