Application for AlumitSenka (Jason)

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NRU Heed
for a better info and this will not be lost in any case i post in the new forum too.

60 days forum activity need and will be arrived at 8. february.

1. Real Name ( firstname ) , Age and Nationality

Name: Hjörtur Reynir - Jason

Age: 20

Nationality: Iceland

2. Game name for all games (BF2, BFBC2, BF3, COD etc). Even if you haven't played for many years or have only played a few times, we need that info!

BF2: Lan only.

BFBC2: none.

BF3: AlumitSenka.

COD: Carnage.

3. Do you have any previous bans? This can be on any online game.

I've been banned from servers for "owning" the admins. (BF3)

4. Why do you think you'll be good for NRU?

I'm a really active player. I ain't unfair (Times I'm unfair is just for giggles). Been an admin on 420-uk for about a year.

5. Recommending NRU members:

1.Nursey Mari.
3.Sweney *i edited the post to add my name to the list*

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