Angus area of Scotland

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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
On Sunday we went for a touristy drive to the area around Montrose (between Dundee and Aberdeen) and here are a few pics from the day out.

The first couple of pictures are from the ruined Balmerino Abbey which was established in 1229. There isn't much left but the area was marked out to show how big it was originally. Though a ruin it was still interesting to have a wander around the area.

The bridge is a the Tay Railway Bridge that was completed in 1883. This was the second bridge as the first was opened in Feb 1878 to much praise as it was built quickly using cast iron but on the 28th December 1879 during high winds the bridge collapsed whilst a train was crossing. Parts of the original bridge supports can still be seen next to the current bridge.

The House of Dun was built in the 18th Century for an Edinburgh Judge. The trees are rather tall there!

The castle is Broughty Castle just along the road from Dundee. "From 1886 to 1887 a range was built to house submarine miners to the east of the castle. In an emergency these would lay mines in the Tay Estuary to damage enemy shipping. In 1889–1891 a magazine was built within the western enclosure which also led to a major remodeling of the gun emplacements. The castle remained in military use until 1932, and again between 1939 and 1949."

A few bird pictures from the Montrose basin area. Loads of different birds could be seen but were too far away to get decent pictures.

We had a great day out and there is plenty more to see around the area.


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i had 20 oz lump of Angus last night:)

That's all good and well but your gonna have 20 oz lump coming out the other end soon :eek:

Not really. Some 65% of the meat will be water leaving 7oz. The remaining 7oz of protein with either be converted to energy (used doing exercise) or more likely (in my case) be converted to fat and stored so I become a feeding station for zombies or if hunted down and caught by cannibals a self basting spit roast for a rather large and hungry family!

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