Andy's lame Photo's

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There is no "lame" photos i think its interesting see home cities, enviroments, hobbies, homes, families etc all stuff about NRU members. I think its nice know more about my loyal BF-friends and makes us closer and is good thing for clan spirit we know each other. :)
Nothing lame about them. Some interesting photos there. I like the post with the wires- not sure why, I just like it.
I have always loved the pure aesthetics of black and white photography.
These photos always evoke a certain mood, a certain atmosphere which is simply enthralling.
It’s hard to define but I am captivated by their silent magic and their “timelessness”.
Thank you for sharing, Andy. :)
Had another look at them this morning. When looking at photos it is easy to start thinking that could have been composed better and that could have been done differently and so on and forget that the photographer is trying to tell a story and has done it for a reason. Still like the fence and when we are out and about this weekend I'll now be thinking about how a scene will look it black and white. Thanks for the inspiration to try something different.
Ok so a few more Photo's but more natural, The Wood lodge we stopped in at Norfolk plus a picture of my son blowing bubbles plus my 2 lovely kids together
and the last is my car which I spend far to much time cleaning as my wife will agree :p

Norfolk 21st 25th 2014 018
Norfolk 21st 25th 2014 096
Norfolk 21st 25th 2014 350

At Glen ive brought a Mannafrotto Mini tripod which is excellent, ive always dabbled at Photography in the past bus this little tripod is something else, was £18 on Ebay :D


And yes I washed my car on Holiday :p
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Car photos is what I do for a living and you can probably see my work on the Autotrader site. We have a set of six shots to do; front 3/4, side, front &rear interior across from passenger side, dash from rear, side and rear 3/4. In theory we are supposed to use a tripod but you would only get a couple of cars done in an hour visit to a site. A nice overcast day is great for cars as you have few shadows and a nice even light. Sunny days just mean lens flare and glare so you have to compromise on the angles you are meant to take the cars at. Rain is just as bad. As I have to use a polariser I can't use a lens hood which would give a little bit of protection against the rain so you have to constantly check for drops on the lens. Apart from getting wet the rain just means it takes longer to get the shots done. Like the car shot - looks good from low down and you are not getting any reflections.

Looks a nice little tripod. Using one will always help get sharp images. Just counted, I have 7 at the moment. One heavy duty one, one light weight one for foreign holidays, three Gorilla pods (one for main camera and other two for iPhone), small pocket tripod for small camera / iPhone and finally a bottle top adapter. The last one you can use on most plastic drink bottles. Makes it easy to carry around and a 1.5l bottle of water can be quite stable. If you do go for a bigger tripod really think hard about what you want and how much you want to spend. If you are tall then the tripod will tend to be bigger to give you the height (to save bending too much) and will mean heavy! Lugging a heavy tripod isn't much fun. Light means carbon fibre which means £££s. Cheap usually means small and light (but quite good for travelling) and they are better than no tripod and they fit into a suitcase. Travelling with a heavy tripod (mine is 6kg without the head) usually means less clothes to take. A changeable head means you can have panorama heads, ball heads and so on to fit your needs.

If you really get bitten by the photography bug you will amass loads of gadgets, camera bags (6 currently), tripods and loads of other crap! I'll do a separate post soon to show some of the crap I have! Have fun though and keep sharing!

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