Amd Or Nvidia ? And Why So ?!

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10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Started this topic to see what do you guys like more and which one are you currently using! :D

I prefer AMD more than nvidia, because AMD has better price-performance ratio and I'm more used to it, never had trouble with AMD since 2010 :3
Currently running on AMD cpu and AMD gpu, AMD master race haha :'D
Also I prefer Asus AMD graphic cards more than any other like gigabyte,msi etc. Dunno why I just trust ASUS and their quality, even tho I have some stuff from gigabyte and it's not bad at all :D
Nvidia for me I want a strong AMD as it helps competition in the market. I used to use Ati/AMD cards but their drivers were horseshit back in the day. As you say they are best for price/performance in gpus but if you have the money in 1440p gaming they just don't seem to match Nvidia.
Had AMD in the past but recently have been Nvidia because they have tended to have slightly better results with BF and are less power hungry. AMD are as good in performance but still aren't quite as thermal efficient. It is like anything though, if you like and are happy with something then that is fine. I don't think things are quite as fanboi like they used to be.
i was on nvidia for the last years but with the fact i will not spent more as 300.- € anymore for a decent graficcard i tried some ADM now. bought this one end of last year. Amazon product ASIN B01H01E4CQin this pricerange AMD is better as nvidia.

can say i am very pleased. software is fine now sam. even with a new function to save your gameplay with on video and i can say my nvidia update was more often broken lol
all in all a good card for a good price.
Here goes:
I had AMD until i could afford my own build and i got an NVIDIA.
Let me explain why i do prefer NVIDIA.

1. Because they're assholes that keep the best technology to themselves (Rude, But smart)
2. Most good games are built the support of NVIDIA tools and environments, which causes AMD cards to perform worse on purpose because of No.1.
3. As far as I've experienced, the fastest updates and fixes. Usually i see such games fix bugs for NVIDIA much faster than for AMD cards.

Look, If you're on a budget, really nothing wrong with AMD, But if you do have the funds, once you switch to NVIDIA, You can't go back, I didn't understood until i tried, was always hating on NVIDIA, had 3 Machines with different amd cards, and now i have this one with GTX 980 from Gigabyte if i'm not mistaken and i'm so happy, and decided to in the future to upgrade to one of the stronger newer cards, probably EVGA, when it's needed of course.


I've said it, NVIDIA ARE DICKS, but nevertheless i'll choose them because i want the better experience.

Here's a video talking about that more or less
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I may be wrong, just an opinion.
I use nvidia because i think its a much better graphicscard i have used ati (now amd) before and they sucked allways burt up when it got pressured
Oh yeah of course there's the classic stereotype which i love so much, even tho it's just a stereotype, it still appeared for a reason:
Oh yeah of course there's the classic stereotype which i love so much, even tho it's just a stereotype, it still appeared for a reason:

ConstantineAK ive done the same thing with Ati/AMD and Nvidia and i have only had trouble with Ati/AMD never with Nvidia so i cant say any other way sorry dude
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I'm on an amd cpu gpu at the mo and happy so far.
Ok it likes power and gets hot but hey feed the beast and keep it cool.
Nvidia are no better they just like you to think they are. I run everything on ultra bf1-4 and no probs so f@ ck nvidia and their snobbish atitude, who needs their shit ....
Currently nvidia GTX1060 but have had GPUs from AMD or nvidia before. I ususally go for the "sweet spot" in price vs. cost so brand/model has been depending on year of purchase, game requirements and how nosey my wife is re. PC costs :D

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