All hail at the alter of motheted

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The real disturbing thing here is, that I actually watched the whole thing trough.
oooh I think I just got a little wet there m8 ;) GRATS TO YOU ;)

I'm technically a 2 star :p if I actually learn how to use vehicle, flying things ......

- - - Updated - - -

p.s. Rich, and other players who might hate snipers please ignore my clay stats ..................:rolleyes:
my flag cap stats prove I dont camp ;) x
Outstanding mate- 3 star players are a breed apart...or put another way 'HORSES AMONGST FANNIES' lmao

The 3 star clincher sniper shot was a peach...with a celebratory t bag to ones self lmao that shit just never gets old 999 nurrrrrrrrrrrrrse

well done coco and you were defo bringin sexy back in that bedroom pose...if I were a lady on heat 'I would'
Is that the socks and borat-swimsuit available for bids on rapidshare or is it like some dating thing? :eek:
fuck you spoony just fuck you muhahahahahaha

- - - Updated - - -

fuck you spoony just fuck you muhahahahahaha
not even posted on this thread and you sensed my presence, you truly are a wise badger.
AW: All hail at the alter of motheted

Congrats, handsome, extremely well done! xxx :)
ffs i have clearly been away far too long, Badger getting called handsome? When did your mum start plaing BF2 lad?
And Lee, that joke will never get old haha
ffs spazzymcspazz returns "whats up you cant sleep because of all the midget and horse porn"

1) manuela is a fine judje of character as well as being a stunning frauline
2) you and lee are cocks were cocks and always will be cocks piffffffft im inoccent till proven guilty ya pair a bumders
Well i was just unwinding for the night, then you started talking to me on fb and everytime you talk to me you have this effect on me.

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