YouTube is dangerous (but educational) 🙂


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I have seen a few people complain about how bad YouTube is and how some of the material is awful. Some of it is. It is also so easy to be dragged into a time wasting rabbit hole! However, it really depends on what you are looking for. I am always impressed by how many creative people and those who have businesses are willing to share experience and skills. Obviously some are commercial and want you to buy their products and services but we still gain from their sharing.

Following our ceiling disaster we (as in my wife is enthusiastic in finding things that need doing) have been more enthusiastic about getting some other DIY projects done. Having the kitchen and living room redecorated highlighted some of the other things that need doing. The door handles looked a bit old and tired but after looking on YouTube it was easy to see that with a £3 tube of metal polish, some time and effort the look so much better. The same for the stool/steps restoration.

I have had a circular saw for ages because it never seemed to work that well. Cutting in a straight line was a joke. I stumbled across a video on YT that showed how you have to adjust it first and it worked great! Another video from the same person also showed hot to do the silicone around the bath. I had redone that many times with less than successful result but this time I am so impressed with what I achieved.

It is not just saving money but also the fun in doing the things. The kitchen is still the original in our house. Everything is OK but just looks a little tired. That is the next big project. Replacing some of the doors and refreshing the others. Also replacing all the draw runners. If it wasn’t for seeing that it is ‘easy’ to do it would probably mean having the whole kitchen done. Even replacing the sink is an option now.

There are plenty of people with advice on YT but one I have found really useful is below. Seems to be someone who is just willing to share experience and also explain why they think it is the best way. But, like anything it is also worth looking at others too as that gives you a much better range of views and advice to choose from.

Often there are things that you never would do yourself but they are fascinating to watch and show what can be achieved with a little effort.

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