You Are Never Too Old For Video Games

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10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Games do distract from housework. My wife was always "video games are stupid" because she wasn't that good at Donkey Kong etc. But really like Final Fantasy 6 and now likes playing a lot of games but not first person shooters. Not bad for a couple with nearly 120 years between us!
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Only games I have bought over the last few years are: BF4, PVZ1 and BF1. Only regret buying one of those and it isn't BF4 or PVZ1!
Im nowadays playing Witcher 3, i have that Game of the year pack where is also expansions Cocks of stone and Blood & whine. Its amazing how big that world is and how carefully they are done all story writing. Everything, even smaller side missions and random people you meet are unique and interesting. Its so cool decisions you make can backfire later. :)

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EDIT: Is it just coincidence Glen have also grey hair or is he witcher? :D
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