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13 Aug 2012
To have such a machine...

I was at a Karting track one day on a Stag week-end and they had a track with those wee bikes ! It looked good fun...didnt get a go though :(
be sure, mr Lakaelo, that you use lube in ur case
doctors might not find it back easely
That sounds just like the toy plane Laka launches in BF4. Someone near me must have one 'cause as soon as I hear it I start to look for the red light and run for cover! There is also a bird in the garden that makes a noise like those ball beacon things also in BF4...

Apart from it braking when I got on it, if it didn't brake I doubt it would have enough power to actually move with me on it. And I doubt there are enough cows to make a suitable leather riding suit for me.
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