xbox graphics.

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15 Mar 2012
as per the norm visiting relatives over xmas i was watching someone playing skyrim on an xbox on a 42inch tv after playing this on pc i was gobsmacked on how utter crap it looked i spent two years on an xbox before coming back to pc i can understand why people buy them for social gaming but nothing more. surely by the time they release the new xbox the pc is gonna be far ahead in tech im so glad i came back to stay on the pc thats all i can say.
what about ps3 graphics?

i know i'm a PCwhore myself and hate games that become consoleports etc.. but talking about the graphics, you think it's just the xbox or all other consoles in general?
It is from 2005 remember, but one thing consoles are good for and that's sports games :)
xbox def has a place for family entertainment what i think i missed when i had one was the pc was a hobby i enjoyed building and tweaking them that all went when i was on xbox. bf3 with only 24 players the maps seemed empty though that was good news for me as crap as i am at it lol. cannot comment on ps3 graphics as have never seem them . a lot of info online says that the new xbox wont be a massive jump in graphics from the 360 so wait and see i guess.
Im a PC man all the way but i cannot wait to see what the Xbox 720 and PS4 brings to the show :D
Plus im not naive in thinking these will be better than PC because they will not, but it's always exciting in seeing new hardware come out.
i was reading a nice article on one of the big sites for tech & they specualated the new consoles when they arrive in 2013 will already be 4 years behind pc hardware
i think consoles have their place for what they cost they aint bad at what they do but i dont think pc gaming is as expensive as a lot of people think
The Wii is great at parties and true, there are some games console is better for but i just hope the PC will not be left on the side due to the hype for the consoles.

Already at shops here it seems they assume you search for console games, PC game shelves have grown smaller and dedicated game shops don't necessarily have all the games one would assume for PC. Same thing can be said about a few net gameshops. But luckily there's still a couple local shops that have a good assortment of the PC side.
2 of my work m8s play bf3 on a PS3 i havent seen it first hand though but i have seen vids on youtube which are always filmed on some shitty cmera so its hard to tell the quality
Here are some comparisons PS3 vs Xbox360

Think PS3 pips the post for me better smoke effects and lighting Etc...


It also depends on the devs a lot of third party devs find it hard to get the most out of the ps3 due to the completely different archutecture and the shared memory
my boy plays xbox alot & the games he plays always look great albeit on a 42" hd tv but the games that are ported over just dont look right to me.... not sure why?
makes you wonder what will happen if the new xbox wont play used games i think eventually it will all be download
I already played bf3 on ps3 after playing on pc, damn it looks really crap lol.

That hurt my eyes lol

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