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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
Anyone other than Sotanakki play this?
Dunno why but I'm still on the US servers for it. I would make the switch to the EU servers but that means startin' from scratch again.
i heard there were talks about giving the players the opportunity to change
from US to EU for free... but to the death of me i cant
remember where in forums i stumbled upon this grain of
information :(

besides i need you on EU side! then we can talk to the heeds about giving us
permission to start NRU World of Tanks Clan ^^
I've got an account on the .eu site, I just need to reinstall the game from .eu, log in then build the russian line up.
If ye can find that thread, it'll be great!
roger roger i'll go and dig it up if i can, cause i swear i saw someone say the want to transfer and it was possible...
meh so far all info i dug up says make a support request and pray, but i found
atleast 4 other cases where the support basically says "shit outta luck" :D

but it seems you'd have to either straight on start another account or,
make a ticket to support, reason your need to move to EU and pray

or just make a new account to EU :)
New account it is, support aint likely to help...
yeeeaaaah.... WoT support isnt exactly known for their success :D
oh hey! you'll get that xmas gift tank tomorrow from Wargaming, hopefully they will give one for your EU account, then you'll
have a prem tank already, tho it is tier 2 but still :)
I'll be starting the .eu account tonight so its active which is all thats required to get that light tank...
excellent! it's a speshul tank, remember that

hm we're on the second page on this thread and no one else has replied to this but you and me... should i be worried?
Na, not at all. To be fair, I think if an NRU clan was to start for this, we'd need to recruit from within the game.
i could look into it some day.. sounds like a good game.
Seems to be a big thing for the polish on there.
I wouldn't mind playing with you guys. I got most of the trees up to Tier 7. Ingame name is JasonHeart.
I've installed it just before xmas.. I'll test it before new year and post here when i'm set so i can join you tankcocks. :p

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