worest nightmares in bf4 :D

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16 Oct 2012
Last days i feel a bit depressed about some shit happening to me ;)

Best to deal with it is to post it here and laugh about :D

What is the thing you dislike the most in the game ? (or even things)

i might even post a few videos next days ;) did activate nvidia shadowplay :D it really is a fanstatic thing
I hate having the drop on a player and firing at them only to die because none of my shots registered.
I hate pussy gameplay of cowards like choke point camping, spawnkilling, whoring with vehicles etc. And all general jerkness and massive selfishness of some random players...


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I think assignments have something to do with the behaviour at times as you have to be a dick to complete some of them. Certainly in BF3 once the major assignments were out of the way I thought it changed to just "normal" playing. For example, an easy way of getting a multi-kill was to do some C4 pooping on a TDM map.

In BF4 I guess being useless as being the worst thing!

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