Wonderfull bf4 news!!

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15 Mar 2012
u will get more levels like in WOW in every expansion :D
vanilla is 100 10 levels extra in china rising but becuase it bugged people got 110, exacly like people unlocked china rising guns
before release
so in second assault 10 levels so u can be 120-- and so on...
but the point of these levels is...? Not like BF2 where you actually got guns and had to do certain things to rank up, it's just all points and time now :(
I thought then that they had finished the game lol, then thought that cant be ture as they cant fix it, its to imbedded in the code they would have to re-write the game.
Shit bucket ranks lol when u reach 100 your shit bucket rank is 0 from there 1 ,2 etc . For each rank past 100 that you are . :)
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Although it's probably a marketing stunt I think it's a nice gesture to say that they stopped developing new dlc's and focus on the original game first.

Much more important than some silly levels I'll never reach anyways :)
I agree mate they need to fix the base game before we worry about adding more maps to the mix.all that does I'd give u more bugs to patch

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