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25 Apr 2012
Peterborough, UK
Just a little project to keep me busy when I'm not on BF2 over winter.

Requires engine rebuild and lots of cosmetic work to the existing body panels, and sourcing the missing ones ......

Europe tour next summer ....?


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Nice :) Not a motor guy myself but I have a second car (FTO) that had a lot of work done to it last summer. Do most of it myself, love to work on it and make it better and more pretty over time.

good luck with your project, it's really rewarding if you see the results!
@Nimma ....... Love the FTOs - is yours the MIVEC ? Manual or tiptronic ?
I have it's big brother the GTO ......
@Nimma ....... Love the FTOs - is yours the MIVEC ? Manual or tiptronic ?
I have it's big brother the GTO ......

I have the MIVEC version :D Tiptronic. Many prefer the manual but I've driven both and fell in love the (Porsche licensed) tiptronic.

And damn you, I LOVE those damn GTO's they are bad-ass but unfortunately they are too expensive for me...
jeepers creepers Graham ..... now that is nice :D

rag the arse of it do you sir i would :)
atb , rich .
i was into bikes as well, as you might have noticed ;)
Sweet car m8, jealous me!

Here's my FTO, your car's little brother :)


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Expensive car is great way to tell everybody "I have little cock" hihi trollololol. :tbag:

Seriusly cool cars. :) And im just jealous, i have old Corolla. :D
Nearly bought myself a mid-life crisis car the other day but decided that my life wouldn't have lasted long if I had taken it home. Mentioned it to the Mrs and got the response "If you wanted it why didn't you get it?". Can't win sometimes.
Haha my FTO was cheap as chips, as it was ready for the graveyard when I got it. Now it's different though had a lot done too it.

@glen I know what you mean, it's hard to control yourself in cars like this make you want to drive like a total nutcase. When the high rpm mivec roarrr kicks in you only think YESSSSS GO FASTERRRRRR RED LIGHT FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Adrenaline, dangerous at times :/

@Andy I love that civic, seems like your is a Type-R? (red emblem). Those are really fast as well, engine technique (VTEC) is similar to my FTO's MIVEC.

It's a family car until you hit a certain RPM and the beast is unchained roooaaaaarrrrrrrrrr :D
@Nimma yes its s type R like you say when you hit that point on the rpm gauge (On mine 5200rpm) the VTEC cuts in and holy shit batman....
I have slight engine mods to it so I've got about 210BHP don't sound much but I've left an Audi RS4 in the dust :arg:
Sweet. I've done some small mods as well but together they make quite a difference.

open-air filter, iridium sparks, de-catted and sports muffler, shortened belt (without aircon) added nearly 35 HP to the 200 it had originally.

the de-catt is the best though. When I hit the throttle a little deeper you see people jumping up to see what's coming at them :D It's a huge sound boost in the higher RPM range while it didn't make much difference while idle or low rpm.
I've fitted a KN air filter
Plus some NGK Iridium IX performance plugs heat grade 7
Performance Mugen oil filter
Started to use Castrol Edge 0-30w £50 5 litres :mad:
Plus fuel I use Shell V-Power Nitro plus

Going off at a tangent I had some Goodyear eagle F1 225 40 18 fitted about a year ago, Amazing tyres
No expense spared on my baby :p
Ha ha love the way this thread has gone all petrolhead ......wicked !!

Nimma, I think I have the FTO repair manual on CD can post it to you (unless you already have one ?)
No I don't have it, I have a bunch of prints that I found online but a CD manual is VERY welcome!

I wanna have it no doubt, I will pay for the postal costs I insist!

Shall I send my address through PM?
Nimma - I go back to sea (work) tomorrow for two weeks. I'm home again on 11th Dec.
PM me your address and I'll get it in the post to you when I get back.

going for around 70.000km a year.
its my oldest car now i ever had it is from 2005 and i got it with 73.000km. so it does nearly 300.000km under my ass and thats really not bad.

i like it and will keep it even longer and hope i come around 600-700.000km with that.

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