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15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
Anyone using Win 8? I'm not tempted and the start hasn't been good for MS, even worse than for the horrible Vista:


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don't care for it, interested to see what their "app store" will bring in terms of a free market - if any. oh well in the next 5 years we'll all be on ubuntu playing our games hopefully
Ive seen some reports (Graphs) out there showing it is slower for gaming than 7 so 7 beats it plus i tried the beta version for some days on a spare PC and it's horrible..
No sir dont like it
Installed it on my mothers new rig on xmas eve.

It might be bearable for me as OS if it's in classic shell or theme. fast on startup, the functions all there i think but i do dislike the mobile app look a lot and the fact it's still a bit early.
I mean nothing's wrong with win 7 imho as in lacking directx or incompatile with new games or software.. Like the case with XP.
Vista and ME are real crap. win 8s worst thing was the assumption people would love and drool at a PC mobile app looking too early released after 7 colourful windows operating system with an 8 on it.

I guess many don't feel the need to change. It's a new OS and has windows defender (like MSE) as default which is good when you plug it online.
yet again big company trying too take money from our pockets for stuff we dont need... add to that everyone knows it will be a bag of spanners for a while untill all the bugs have been smoothed out, so it doesnt surprise me that its low uptake.
i dont see anything wrong with w7 so i wont change untill i have to, when they stop supporting it ala xp
my problem with win 8 is they made they made the OS easier for touchscreen users and it seems like us mouse and keyboard users we left behind ... well not left behind but we were an afterthought. this os is a tablet/ smart phone os . ill hang onto win 7 until they shelf win 8 for something better
Well lol i like it its way faster at starting up from my own tests i get the same fps as i did in w7, i replaced the metro interface with classic shell but to be honest once you get use to metro its no different than a big start menu and i like all the little new ui stuff such as ribbon interface on windows explorer and graphs ln file transfers also better intergration for ssd's etc

Sorry for the short unformatted message but im on my phone with no battery :p

Also if this is the same graph as I saw in another source (can't check atm as that site is down) then as someone else commented:

This graph is a fail. It doesn't take in account the fact that there were more PC's in 2012 than in 2006.Percentage of PC's? Windows 8 has to compete against ALL Windows 7 & Vista copies? (0.6+ billion), while Windows 7 only had to compete against Vista (0.05 billion copies)?
Next time you try to prove something, compare sales rather than "percentage" in an unrelated time-frame.
Windows 8 is doing well, with over 40 million licenses sold since November.
Don't know Sam but it's of course hard to tell from that graph only and so early if 8 is a failure or success (even if I don't get the arguments in the quote). Time will tell...
I got Windows 8 along with my laptop, been using it since early november... so far
no complaint about it at, plays BF3 quite nicely, boots up fast etc, i dont actually that start tile thingie that much since
it still has the taskbar and i've binded the most used programs onto it.

i couldn't compare it's speed vs win 7 because this laptop, as i mentioned. Had win 8 pre-installed.
But i haven't experienced any major problems i didn't have with win 7.

So in my experience they're almost the same, tho win 8 seems tad bit faster in functions, but that
might just be the illusion of a fresh install, you all know how that is :)

you don't actually even need that classic shell and you get used to that tile enviroment
reasonably quickly, also i actually like it over the classic shell because starting programs throught it
is alot faster than the old startmenu we've had since windows 95.

i dare you to try it on, install vmware or virtualpc etc software and install win 8 on it,
even just for laught, try to use it for day to day stuff and get a feel for it, you'll be suprised....

sorry for the overly long post... i think im going nuts being at my friends house for housesitting without
leaving the house for 5 days hehe


PS. I wouldn't put too much weight on some graphs, they wouldn't make me wanna change to
win 7 at this point, and even if there are speed differences between win 7 and win 8, they're marginal
at best, we're talking about below 5% and casual user doesn't even see it :)
But i think that is the point.. there is so little actual difference why bother??? it just feels the developers rush stuff to market as quickly as they can regardless of there being any significant improvements, dare i say it like i expect bf4 to be!!!
I've got it installed on my VMware server, and like Sotanakki I can't complain. I must admit though I can't do with the tiles, so run it with the start menu.

I haven't yet gamed on it, but plan to when I do my new PC install later this month.
The first thing I did with Windows Vista and 7 was turn off Aero.

So as long 8 has a classic mode, it should be bearable.

I thought "classic mode" was an add on for 8, though.

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