windows 7 pro and firewall

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4 Aug 2012
Hi all , well its time to load windows 7 pro onto my spectrum 48k+ as xp is soon to be unsupported :0 .
I would like to know if the windows firewall and anti virus protection is adequate or is it neccessary to employ addition protection for my pc ?
How effective is windows security on its own ?
Also is there a significant improvement running 64 bit instead of 32 ?
many thanks , rich.
I tried short time with only Windows Defender some time ago to see if Antivirus program causes lag to game. Later i installed Avast and noticed there were some malware what Windows firewall/antivirus didn't detected. In my case i have Windows 8. But anyway i suggest installing real antivirus program, looks like own protection systems of Windows sucks.
I run Microsoft defender never had any problems with viruses yet.I'm on win 7 home pro at the moment
To be fair AV is always the last line of defence, just don't go around browsing shit porn sites ;)
me , i have windows 7 pro and free antivirus avast and CCleaner ,but i have no problem ....
as said heikk it is better to take a real antivirus .... than using the windows firewall .......
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many thanks to all for the laughs and the info' ....
last question . What do you guys think of Mcafee ? i was going to cancel my subscription .
many thanks , you guys are brilliant . glad to be part of this clan , loyal to the end !
kindest regards, rich .
so basically i am better off paying for my porn ? (only kidding)
Download your porns as dvd/blueray rips with torrent, then you get better quality and don't get virus. :welsh:

Regards, Poor. :tbag:
Naah they are intrested and have resources to chase only big distributors so if you don't run torrent-place and be just one of millions little downloaders you are safe. Operator is not intrested snitch you if they notices you have shitload of peer to peer data moving becouse they would lose customer and police knows nothing without operator. = Win? :p

Edit: I don't know about your laws there but here it's quite safe and everybody does it.

Edit vol 2: Lol from antivirus things to downloading of porn. Now we need take some conversation about beer and tits and this is perfect offtopic! :welsh:
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Naw you're right I was being sarcastic, unless you're a mass uploaded you prob won't get caught.
All you have to do for porn is go to the best porn site around click on video search and ever in what u want to see and I do mean anything lmao
Fact: Only thing Bing is good for is porn video searching, apparently it's only useful feature... or so reddit tell's me

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