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15 Mar 2012
Hi guys in running win 7 home premium right now but I'm thinking of upgrading to win 8 what do u guys think of win 8 & does bf4 run better on it?
Do it but install classic shell with it, so no metro but still get the performance increases
i was thinking that sam i dont think i could go without a start button
Thanks Sam.the wifey was asking what I want for my.birthday so I'll tell her that.
Latest version of Win (8.1) is pretty stable. I've not had a BSOD at all. If possible I would do a clean install so you don't have any old bits (hehe tech joke) laying around. I use start8 to get rid of the metro interface. 8.1 does allow you to boot straight to desktop. I upgraded 7 to 8 without any issue or data loss but did a clean install later just to get rid of any Win 7 cruft and also clear away loads of stuff I didn't use or need anymore. I like 8 but have never used metro except by accident!

If you don't have any issues with 7 it may be worth waiting for Win 9 (due April 2015) which sounds like it may have a native desktop only mode.
Yeah I was thinking that but I like to get Windows operating systems after most of the bugs are worked out of them
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I would go for it then. Most of Win 8 problems are because of the metro/desktop differences which make it like a Frankenstein operating system. I've never used it with a touch screen so can't comment on that but I do like my wife's Nokia Win8 phone which is pretty similar. I have a Nokia 520 which I uses an iPod Touch substitute and really like that.
To be fair metro isn't really that bad once you get it organised just a full screen start menu (though still prefer Start8 over it)
Metro fails to be an easy to handle UI, apple is much better than that. But they just started and 8.1 improved a lot of the 8 failures, i guess the ui will further improve in the next years.

There is a way to include the start button in win8. Just google it, it'll pop up somewhere. I can't say anything about gaming performance as I only have it on my laptop, but it seems to be a bit more resource efficient than win7.
yes i am using classic shell right now i like it a lot
yes i am using classic shell right now i like it a lot

so do i its making windows 8 a proper windows again...

there are those guys who sy adapt to the new system and say that metro haters are stuck in the past ;)

But why should i touch a running system i like the classic windows ui ;) i learned to find my stuff there so why sould i adapt to a system thats not optimized for mouse usage?

So have fun with win 8 :D in my opinion its pretty stable and seems to do his job pretty well ^^
hi guys i tried to update to windows 8.1 and i got the error couldn't update to 8.1 0xc1900101-0x2000C does anyone know what this means?

- - - Updated - - -

i noticed this error in windowupdate.log WARNING: CheckIfDirExists returned error 0x80070002.
I had the same problem. My solution (dunno if it works for you too)
-reboot (haha)
-search for windows updates in the pc settings
-build a house, plant a tree and get kids in the meantime cause it takes a zillion hours
-install updates
-repeat until no more updates are found
-go to store, download windows 8.1
-leave a note to your great-grandchildren to install and reboot cause it takes another millennium


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