why my PC is overheating?

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Lol you have 1kg of hair in your computer if you don't clean it regularly. :D
mac said im always welcome,and i have to pay no attention to his minions lmao buy nice cat snaps mate always good to get a look in your bunker xxx
It's clearly all the porn your system can't handle it! My big fat pussy is sat on your machine, it's a killer ;)
tbh lak theres much faster ways of cooking cat..I know germans are very precise and meticulous but I think it would take about 2 months to fully cook your tasty cat dish this way even while running bf4 @ULTRA with HBAO and AA fully on !
How sweeeeeeeet.

My cat used to play with the modem leads (yes really in those days of dial up). Made a few calls to the support line until I found out what was causing connection problems!

Really need to adopt a cat - miss our last one.
Awwww so cute. <3 Lol that when it tried watch behind screen to find cursor. :D :D

When i had cats they liked especially GTA and Hitman -games where camera view is 3rd person view from behind of guy. :D They loved watch that walking/running guy and try catch it. Luckily then that TV was big heavy old model so no worrying they break it. :)
this is from this morning if i tried to play a round sim city :joker:


i know that feeling XD happens to me too with Bellis, if she doesnt get the attention she wants she eighter blocks the screen, start playing with me or hopping in to my lab and biting my chin till i start paying attention to her only :p xD

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