Who Wants A Big Naked Hug?

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Redd Tedd

Redd Tedd

NRU Member
26 Apr 2017
South West, UK
Hello all,

I'm offering big naked hugs as part of my application for NRU clan membership. They are free and come with no obligations ;)

My name is Scott, I live in the South West of the UK. I work (occasionally, when I'm not BF'ing) in architecture.

I haven't got any other accounts for gaming, just ReddTedd on origin. My playing ability hopefully proves i do not cheat :p

ok - we are losing massively right now on Rogue Trans. - I'm off to 'help'

Love you all :love:
Crap! I hit the wrong button after doing the background checks and seem to have started a vote for trial membership! The vote will last for three days after which we will surprisingly know the result.

Good luck!
you need more coffee dude - but thank you - I'm genuinely excited (y)
--- Post updated ---
Ok Mr.X - come get your BIG Naked Hug! ;)
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