where is the link to nru bf2 teamspeak

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4 Aug 2012
since reloading my pc my link to teamspaek has gone . can anyone help me ?
thanks , rich.
of course m8.

on the homepage http://noobs-r-us.co.uk right side teamspeak block you can press the "Noobs R Us TS3" title to join it and by rightclick and "copy link location" (firefox) you get ts3server:// so if you want to add port manually to connect your Teamspeak 3 prog you connect to

I recommend you add it to your teamspeak bookmarks after you have joined so it makes it a lot easier to connect via the bookmark. This way you don't need to add the IP everytime.
Also when you are on if a member is on they can give you admin rights on TS or a heed can do it. After you get admin rights on TS you can join the admin room and for example kick or move someone if that is necessary in TS. (never had to do that yet).

ok m8?
what i meant with "you can press the "Noobs R Us TS3" title to join it"

geno the smartass. :tbag:
thanks fellas think it is sorted , rich.
np sam. a bit annoyed lately (ACM fail) but done mistakes with phone browsing too.

gj rich. hope you have fun using teamspeak. :p

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