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15 Mar 2012

i just be curious wanna buy bf4

whats the difference in bf4 digital premium deluxe
and bf4 premium ?
The only difference I can see is "Digital Deluxe Edition includes access to the Exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta and 3 Gold Battlepacks." and I presume that you don't get an actual DVD with the game on.
There is no bf4 digital premium deluxe
Its bf4 digital deluxe edition, and glen had it spot on with his description....over the base bf4 you get bf4 early Beta access and 3 gold battlepacks

bf4 premium is like bf3 premium, its just access to all the DLCs when they come available and a few other small bits and bobs... You still need either the base bf4 or the deluxe edition, bf4 premium on its own is like having fluffy dice with no car to put them in ;)
I have some dumb noob questions:

- How i pay if i want that Digital Deluxe? Can i buy it with my internet bank account like i do on internet stores? I don't have credit card. :(

- If i buy digital downloaded version and something shitty happens causing that i need format computer etc.... Can i download game again FREE becouse im payed of it?
Crappy infos on Origin website dont tell enough, im really hoping that Click & Buy means that you click picture of your banks logo, sign in and accept paying. :p Other way i probaly wait until i can buy disk from local mall.

Edit: I have just now bad money situation becouse all bills hit to this month (electrics, insurances, phone, internet etc) and some bad drunk splurge bar trips, date shit like movies and eating in restaurants... I get more money 1.10. so is it too late then buy that early beta and start BF4? :p
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heikkinen you have premium so you'll get the early beta......i wound nto worry about preordering yet, dont feel pressurised m8
Im just so curious see all new things and maps and stuff. Know is BF4 good. :p Im little fearing how unstable and buggy game is, how that stupid adding of commander ruins it etc... Getting arty from sky to your head after every minute just like in BF2. :p <33333 These island maps of videos looks terrible air rape and bush camping hells what makes me fear game is shit. For example if somebody selfish guy takes only boat you are trapped to spawn island or if aircraft destroys your boat it's time of tactical suicide or 10 mins of swimming... And that counter stabbing, whats the point sneak try stab somebody if he every time makes ninja moves and counter stabbs you? :p
deep breaths m8, deep breaths...

The alpha played ok, not too buggy, pretty stable (but not the nights DICE were messing about with the backend to try and estimate server loading)

Commander mode is said to be optional...so I presume server owners can turn it off

The map in the beta has lots of high buildings so its hard for the air guys to rape too much....Plus the Boats > Helis ! Really they chew teh fuckers up big time

If you are greedy enough to go for a stab when u could have shot somone they yeah you have to take the consequence that he can counter knife.....Big reward of Tags carry a big risk of loseing your own....

Give it a whirl...I loved the alpha, it was like bf3 with some of the things from bf2 that they never brought fwd
Ok thanks for information. :) Whatever im gonna buy it as fast i can and join NRU tbag orgy on BF4 battlefields. :tbag: Buying it 1.10. when i get more money and if Origin don't support buying with internet bank account i have to go with plan B what is buying physical disk version from store or order it from finnish internet store.
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