what santa brought you??

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15 Mar 2012
well i wasnt expecting nothing, but my 'wife' did that woman thing where they say 'we wont get each other stuff' then bought me loads of stuff!! so i got lots of new ted baker clothes & accessories & a new game (dark souls) my kids bought me a lovely italian leather belt which is beautiful.
My only saving grace was i bought the mrs a new engagement ring (big diamond) a few weeks ago otherwise i'd be feeling real guilty today.
thats awesome chip. i got a new keyboard logi g510 a brand new pair of Burton snowboard boots and a new kindle cover
Got a load of games before from wife, during xmas some chocolate, a tool box, some axe series shampoo and deo set of the anarchy series (lol.. Too calm and schmelly?), but wifes parents got me a canon ixus 1100hs digital camera with all accessories.. But the best present was to be one day ay a time at the two places and not to have to rush during one day to both. Xmas been peaceful and great.
Wifes' "Let's not buy each other anything" must be a common and universal thing. Wise from a previous mistake (only didi it once and still have bruises) I bought my missus the required stuff including some bling-bling so she was content as a result. Children and both cats merry too so family bliss was total. The most surprising gift I got was a gym voucher including personal trainer - I wonder if there's a hidden message in there...
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i / we got a new tv. http://de.consumer.toshiba.eu/de/products/tv/46TL963G better say, my wife and i bought it for us. the one in sleeping room was defect so we put the old one from living room up there and bought us this one new. great thing. so we said we need money as present now. lol

wifey got all seasons of sex and the city dvd box from me. she can see that and i can play. both happy lmao
lmao pix have you been puttiing on a bit of timber??? & sex & the city is the best reason any man can have to sit & game.
nice to just have a relaxing few days with the family & dog(first xmas) so he was pretty excited, gonna take him for a long walk in a minute.
You'll have to review the keyboard for us tom, that would make a good thread, members reviewing our kit!
hell nice gifts ... i got from my girlfriend a makita brm102xlt construction site radio
and the ok to order my new lappy wooop

ofcorse she got her wishes to and love lots of love haahaa lol
i bought myself a laptop as an early Bday / xmas gift, bought a set of kalevala jewelry for my mum and a friend bought me a set of shot glasses...
maybe hes hinting at something eh, didnt have any xmas food since im not that much into it, made myself a bluecheese lasagne which
worked out awesome :)

not alot of gifts or xmas food but a good xmas nontheless :)
AW: what santa brought you??

Santa had brought a Handfull new Problems with the Famaly and Spezialy for me more Sickness and more health Problems, sometimes i wish GOD let me Die and then Happend at BF3 again again and again
I treated the wife to a new bag and belt this year . She wasn`t impressed but the hoover is working great now!

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