What Music Do You Prefer?

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Active Member
30 Jul 2017
I like most music, but always been a ROCK fan. I`m a old git, so i got a daugther thats 18, so i have to keep up with the trends lol.

I got these bands/artists on my playlist:

- Volbeat.
- Five Finger Death Punch.
- Metallica. (always)
- Alan Walker.
- Evanecence.
- Emenem.
- Nightwish.

Got a DAB radio in House and car, so its mostly tuned on www.radiorock.no, when "BOSS" not home or with me in car that is. :D


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I'll listen to most things except soul music and '70s disco type stuff. Oh, and the Beatles - I think they are so over rated.

The ones I listen to most are:
Rick Wakeman
Led Zeppelin
Ludovico Einaudi
Tangerine Dream
Dr. Feelgood

To name a few.

Like Alan Walker and similar stuff too. Even classical sometimes. Used to have over 500 LPs and still have about a 1000 cds but most is now digital. When driving I quite like the radio or audiobooks.


NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
Prog rock incl. prog metal (old and new), Mark Knopfler, Mozart, Bach, Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Led Zeppelin, Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, ELP, The Clash, Bob Marley...


NRU Member
5 Feb 2013
Halojs21, I damn fucking love Five fingers death punch. Both Wrong side of heaven Albums and the Got your six Album are running in loop here.


Lock-On Hater
Friend of the NRU
21 Jun 2017
So... What kind of music do you lads listen to? Tell me!

For the first song for me is: Children of Bodom - Are you dead yet

Heavy stuff. Great song, sounds like useless noise to most people who don't listen to any kind of metal, but for me it's a nice song to listen while i either kick some butts in games or drive somewhere..

Then to the next one i absolutely love: Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful

Another amazing song. This is one of the newer songs. Though 1996-2005 was definitely the golden age of Nightwish since they had Tarja Turunen singing. Definitely recommend listening to older albums too.

Third, and the last one will be: Saara Aalto ft. Adam Lambert - Bohemian Rhapsody

Great lighter song to end this post, hope i'll learn something new about your tastes in music. I personally listen to everything but classical music. Btw if someone was sharp enough to notice that all of the songs were Finnish, you earned a cookie. I'm a huge fan of the music my homeland produces (pop, rap, etc. not so much. they are total shite)

-Witcheri, The Finn, drunken idiot
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NRU Member
10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Since we had a topic ''What do you listen while playing games'' or smth like that.....well still,also in my free time (when I'm not playing games) I prefer some nice Trap songs with some nasty bass so my house shakes :D Young-> Crazy hahaha
Also in female company I can listen to everything, just to make her happy lol


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
The first record (yes, one of those round things that spun at 45rpm) was the Jerusalem single by ELP with “When the Apple Blossoms Bloom in the Windmills of Your Mind I'll Be Your Valentine" as the B side.

Then got into things like Tangerine Dream but it was also when punk was just starting and we used to see bands like Squeeze and the Vibrators in local pubs. It was a good time as we had the Hammersmith Odeon just down the road so was able to see a lot of decent bands. Every couple of weeks we would go to the booking office and they would have who was playing on a chalk board. We saw Genesis, Status Quo, Rick Wakeman, Blondie, Dr Feelgood, Black Sabbath, The Tubes, Dire Straits, Uriah Heap, Lenard Skynryd and so on for about £6. Even seeing Pink Floyd do The Wall at Earls Court was only £8.50!! Remember seeing Hawkwind in a pub in Camberley with about 20 other people. I also remember going to the proms for Wagner’s The Ring and being bored stupid. That was a good time for live music.

Concerts at that time were relatively small and with no phones or cameras to distract. Nowadays venues are so big you can never see anything except a dot on the stage, the sound is awful, and you need a mortgage for the tickets. Prices seem to be about £120+ for some of the bands we wanted to see and you can never get decent seats even with the pre-pre-booking options and book a year in advance.

With everything digital it is easy just to say “play 70’s rock” and get a lot of memories. That is about the only thing that Siri is any good at. :)
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NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I prefer live folk or country to recorded. Liked Runrig for a long time. Saw them at the Barrowlands, Glasgow. We were just about to go in the place and Isobel spots a bloke unloading a van and says “look at that bloke trying to look like Donnie Munro”. Yep, they were unloading their gear before playing...


Redd Tedd

NRU Member
26 Apr 2017
South West, UK
Going through a funk rock revival this weekend, mainly due to working most of it :sleep:... the music's helping :coffee:

Extreme - (early material) - loads of energy in those blokes. Saw them in Nottingham in a small venue (i think Rock City, but it's been a while)
They were supported by King of the Hill (funk rock again) they were truly amazing, they raised the roof off the place.

Some early Black Crowes - i love those guys.

late 80's/ early 90's stuff brings back some good memories. I had just left school and was going to gigs as often as possible:

Motley Crue; Guns n' Roses (appetite for destruction line up, so that was great, plus also saw them later once Matt had become the drummer); Bon Jovi; Def Leppard; Cult; Aerosmith; Poison.. loads of local bands trying to break; well cheesy most it, but the crowds were great and the girls were incredible. (y)

Now it's on spotify and i sit in my office jigging a comfy chair.. what happened man? :unsure:


New Member
23 Aug 2016
About two weeks ago I discovered a awesome music genre. I think its called Synthwave or Retrowave. Its songs like King of the Streets from Lazerhawk or Aurora from DEADLIFE that I really like to listen to right now. Another great example is Sleepless Nights by FM Attack.

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