what kind music people listen

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21 Jul 2012
thats some music from 80`s in finland LMAO


must learn the foot steps LOL this guy knowes how to dance LMAO
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Yeah.. kynt works in mysterious ways..

lmao at the synth solo. lol.

some antidote:

AW: what kind music people listen

i hear most time Metal, like Disturbed, linkin Park and co


or classical AC/DC


sometimes i listen the sound from NicePeter, OneRepublic, and many many moooooore

im loving house and techno these days
with a bit of dubstep mixed in :
and one that all u bastards will be humming all day if u listen to this whole thing:
@Sweney you've started some thing now M8

By the way Lakaelo is in this at 0.56 Enjoy

hahahahahaha nice vid..

I'm listening to all kind of music, but most house, dubstep etc..
something like this

This one is old but still awesome :)
personally dislike dubstep. i like breakbeat, bigbeat and some dnb and older oldschool at times along with trance.

but rock and heavy goes well too. changes a lot time to time..
This ones great to play on Audio surf
@ andy thunderstruck cool guitar sound . and i actually did work with a funny older guy called fred who did like tea . he taught me how to plum and flooded a school once ..lol
one day going home we walked to the vans to drive off and he got in my van and looked around shocked and said wtf someones messed my van up . i said "fred you have got in the wrong van "
he had got in my van by mistake lol .
great guy and really good for a laugh . he used to call me bollocks or beastmaster lol .

ahhh good times ... you had to be there . regards to all , rich.
I personnaly don't like rap, metal, and most of dubstep musics.
Some musics I love :

First one soundtrack from slumdog millionaire, right?
Second sounds a bit industrial.
Yep, but tbh I discovered this song playing FC3 lol.
Second became a bit yep, but it's so nice!

And the third is from the artist "Uppermost", they do some great musics.
flux pavillion make awesome dubstep
well this is a mix but still good
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