what is the origin of psedo ?

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19 Sep 2012
france , ardeche
My psedo this is my nickname in the live,this is my brother who called me as ,how and why ?
there is a movie that is called " the war of fire "a film by Jean-Jacques Annaud .this movie is the story of three men the stone age who go in search of fire,and the head of the 3 man call nao ,this movie is my favorite movie since i was little,and like i looks like this actor in the film ,and i like their long and i'm a little primate ,this nickname nao and all for me ,,,,
it has been 25 years that i carry the nickname,,,,and 07 of nao07 is the number of the department where i live in France ,that is why and how nao07 .
AW: what is the origin of psedo ?

oh, nice thread nao.

for me its easy. me and a mate had a internet company years ago that called lakaelo.info. after some years we have to decide what we do with lakaelo because we had not the time to handle it how its needed. so we have closed and sell it.

from that time i use the username / alias lakaelo
I was originally anil8or when i first joined bf2 then i went to join =sod= clan and as part of this had to think of a name ending with =sod= layzee seemed pretty good
and the legend was born

Re : what is the origin of psedo ?

thank you laka ,nice to see your psedo has a story behind like mine .........
Heikkinen is my last name, maybe somebody noticed that name label on my chest in that army pic. And im borned 1988. It's funny how many people have asked is that 88 "Heil Hitler" skinhead message, LOL. :p I shave my head only becouse i like that fresh feeling and practicality. :D
so.. nao knows how to find home, laka used to sell himself and heikk shaves his head.. o_0

mmkay.. lol

late 90s used the nick slater, was friends with a girl called herself snakie, she changed nick to znakie i changed to zlater, i played c&c ts before 98/99 and used zlater666, read a lot of aliens comics among other things, favourite comic Aliens: genocide, started playing aliens vs predator 1 online and used the name genocide (very popular nick in avp community), started playing avp2 so i made a one bug clan and used the name zlater[genocide] then was asked by a clan called The Hive to join them but when i was about to they had a misunderstanding and didn't know i had been asked to join so i was alone but thought it'd be easier to use just one nick and changed it to genozide to keep the z as a memory. Then a clan called LOC that disbanded into two clans TCC and SAS and some players in SAS (slayers of all species) asked me to join them. There were two leaders Wingman and ClownX. Playing with Wingman i called him Mastah and when i killed him ingame he wrote "bugga" though he meant bugger but that gave me the second nickname "bugga". I played as {SAS}genozide for a year, became a clan leader after ranking up and during 2000 - 2009 was in avp2 clans SAS, AoR, BLITZ and XF. average 2 years per clan and was longest in XF where i was and am a clan leader. Joined NRU in late 2011 after having a blast on the bc2 servers summer prior to that and needed some activity again and gaming.

I used to live in a student/fraternaty house when in University in Delft. In this house everyone got a nickname in their first year of living there... As the closets in my room had completely collapsed causing my room (not personal) hygene to be left with something to be desired at the time my nick quickly became Loeft (abreviation to the german Luft)... As I took up gaming while living there my nick quickly became Loeft as well, the 1 was later adden as a first registration failed somewhere and the added 1 was needed! Great thread starter BTW Nao!
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Re : what is the origin of psedo ?

single or evolved it is nice to see the history of your psedo,,and anyway his door one psedo beech and vice versa.........
Mine is what msn suggested to me after I tried Sam as a username for hotmail like 13 years ago (I was young so I just chose the first option) I've only kept it so I don't have to remember multiple and I can't think of better names even though this one is shit ;)
Mine, Art_Br83, is initials from my full name, Arthur Brodsky born in 1983 ;) Wanted a short and nice nick that characterized me. Started with this nickname when first came online on BF2 and never changed it since than.
my bf2 nick was SweneysbattlefieldAc which is easyy to figure out, as for BF3 Sweney80 Sweney is my last name and 80 is my old number when i used to play Football .. i was Tightend and defensive tackle back in the day!
AW: what is the origin of psedo ?

I guess you know Saving Private Ryan, the movie. Well I watched it 3 years ago with my dad and the medic of Tom Hanks squad was called T-4Medic blabla, don't remember his last name. Well, so I chose this one first. But as "Aktion T4" was a euthanasic act in the third Reich, where many disabled people got murdered (also in a home for disabled people in the city I live, which is still at work) I felt the need to choose a different number. 11 is my favourite number so that's how my name was born...
Mine is not really a nic but an anonymous name unrelated to myself, I like it and could easily accept it as my own.
Back in the days, my nick used to be kazaa_nl, this came from my surname 'Kara'. My friends started calling me kazaa (godawfull program), so I thought I'd make it my nick for the very first online game i played... Runescape (DONT YOU DARE TO JUDGE ME! I'm only human :p). After that I played some tribalwars (yet again, stop judging me, I was barely 14/15 xd), I used to be in this clan called Rebirth. I made it to the upper ranks of that clan and it died on me. From that day on I thought I would use that nickname in other games, since I had so much fun in that clan. nowadays I sometimes use abreviations of that name, simply because its a very common nick and I often have to resort to oRebirth/ ohRebirth/iRebirth.

I also had a period where I used Aberuskubaberusku as a nick. This used to be a good inside joke with a friend. It became somuch more fun on xbl, because I would troll people untill they got mad trough the roof. The best parts were when they tried to pronounce my nick. I've never heard anyone pronounce it the same way to this very date :D
One of my first games was AoE 1... me and my mates played it alot at LAN-Parties. I won nearly every match ( without cheats :D )... so they said Jakob cheats... somday one of my mates called me ichy ( my nickname was born )

This name is for most of the games too short... so I use ichea... and if this is too short too... jr joins... and it is not junior mr scatha ;)
Lol. Bull is an old school nickname but that weebl and bob episode sealed the deal :)

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