what era were u born in

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AW: what era were u born in

what u are Born at Vietnam Ö.Ö and life at Finnland thats a big travel and far away from your home.

Back to Topic: I am Born at Pforzheim thats a small City near the Blackforrest at Baden Württemberg, at the nice Year 79. I Growed up at Pfalz ( thats a insider only germans know the complicated situation between Pfalz and Baden Württemberg) Lifed some years after that at France ( my Mommy are Frensh) and at last i travelt Back at the old home and life now near Heilbronn.
Ty for that physco id be interest to hear of the troubles u mention there.

To elaborate further im born christmas eve 1981 in stoke on trent in the middle of england. We are primarily a pottery town and have produced big name pottery including wedgwood and royal doulton ware. I joined the army and became a xhef which I carried on when I left. I have been married twice sn produced 4 beautiful children.

I support stoke city f.c ( the potters) which is one of the founder members of the football league ( est 1863) almost as old as scatha.
And it goes without saying im addicted to gsming ( wife permittivity ed lol)
1981 this is what i grew up on with 2 sisters to help me along the way goto to 1 min 30 secs to see what im talking about
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AW: Re: what era were u born in

1981 this is what i grew up on with 2 sisters to help me along the way goto to 1 min 30 secs to see what im talking about

Ö.Ö how do u mean that .... i dont understand
i grew up in the 80s watching classic juhn huges films to me they remind me of the 80s
I was born in the good part of the 90's (early 90's, 93 actually)

also psycho, my parents are in Pforzheim right now :p we have family there ^^
Re: AW: Re: what era were u born in

my parents are in Pforzheim right now :p we have family there ^^

Also kannst du Deutsch? :b

aber naturlich! Ich habe so oft gesagt das ich auch Deutsch kann :p (ich kann also Niederlandisch, Franzosisch, Turkisch und Latein :p. Das macht 5 Sprachen das ich kann reden und verstehen, und ein Sprache das ich nur kann lesen.)
AW: what era were u born in

OMG it speaks German better then me :D well if u are travel to Pforzheim we can meet us :D and Sweney i crowed up with Star Trek James T. Kirk and Star Wars, E.T and Aliens, i had looked so many Sience Fiction that i sometimes belive that iam from a far away Planet strandet at Earth so i feel welcome at this Crazy world. and would be the Force with you all :D
AW: what era were u born in

Türkisch? Wie kommst du zu Türkisch? ;D Hammer! Und Latein kann man ja schlecht sprechen, nichtmal unsere Lehrerin konnte das :D
Myself im an eighties child n I think the musix rubbed off lol

i was born 30 yrs too late X_X my mentality is more that of late 50´s and my music taste is 60´s and first in the 70´s so (as my dad says) the fact that i was born as late as 88 is unfair to me X-D <--- reminds me of this "whats your mental age" test i took a couple of yrs ago :p i was the only one in my family besides my grandmother who was proved to have a mental age of 50+ xD
1972 for me and i remember wearing flared trousers , massive collars on shirts and some red shoes that as a child i thought were really cool :)

hmmm mental age ? i dont really think i ever grew up . lol
ahhhh you're all youngsters ...... I was born in 66 in darkest Africa. Now I live in Peterborough in the UK. Growing up is optional Fucoffhackers ..... I've yet to try it myself. My girldfriend was born in 1981 .... she keeps me feeling young ! My mates all say, "How did you get such a young girlfriend, must have a big cock or lots of money ?" ...... I tell them I have no money ........LOL
Re : what era were u born in

i was born in march 1973 ' douai ,department 59 ' in the north of france ,then i went to' annecy,department 74' for work and in 2008 the crisis put my unemployed and i went in ' ardéche,department 07 ' in the southwest of france where i am to this day ,,

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