What do you thinks about add hardcore mode on the servers ?

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What do you thinks about add hardcore mode on the NRU servers ?

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6 Jan 2013
Hi cocks

This weekend I played with friends on BF3 and BF4 and the play only in harcore mode.

For me the mode is better than classic mode. You need less ammo to kill the ennemy and you make better scrore.

So I aksed me why the NRU servers haven't on hardcore mode and if maybe setup on.

Admin your answers ?
sry i personally dont like it ;)

i think gunbalance is really good in normal mode ;) only thing i like is having no hitmarkers makes it more interesting cause you dont really know how much bullets you still need
HC-mode would make bolt action snipers 1 hit kills over veeeeery looooooooong range so hell no...
I pay mostly hardcore and love it. U dint have a mini map so u need to trust your hearing and instincts.gun balance is better in hardcore because it gives slower round per min weapons e.g. the scar h and m60 a better chance against higher rpm weapons like acw and mtar.I don't find snipers to be a problem in hardcore either. I used to play locker only server with friendly fire off which was epic gaming lol. But the more I play hardcore the more I prefer it to easy mode. The only thing I don't like about it is that sometimes friendlys tags don't show up above their head and u get hit with a teamkill.but other then that its awesome.I have also played hardcore with mini map that was fun
BF3 Hardcore mode... Hell yes! ..we once had a server.... ;-)
I don't like about it is that sometimes friendlys tags don't show up above their head and u get hit with a teamkill

So result is you will get all time 1 shot deaths by roof camper snipers and getting teamkilled too or teamkill others and get punished... :D And all time these Naval Rape boat and air whore maps nowadays... Im found out i play more somewhere else becouse of that and now that HC 1 hit kill sniper fest and TK bullshit mode.... Random servers, here i come... :p

Edit: And if we try that now is worst moment ever. Ask from that long hair girly cutie Steffos and Parafanny, we played yesterday together and im never seen so much low rank roof camper snipers (and spawnkillers with tanks).
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Ahh good old BF2 where you die 90% of time to arty spam, clays or TK... :rolleyes:
Voted no if we only have 1 BF4 server as it would get too complicated within the rotation (I feel). As a game mode it is something that I like to play sometimes. The only thing that does annoy me is the lack of differentiation between costumes on the two sides making it harder to choose who to shoot at. It is the same on normal maps but at least you can use spot. I get that if you jumped out of a plane you will have jammies on but running around with the oxygen mask just looks stupid (like an elephant trunk) and you feel guilty(ish) for shooting what looks like an upright elephant.
PLEASE dont let us play HC mode on our server.

I dont like it at all. if u get in an one on one fight it would mean that always the one wins who shot first. the game would turn into a no-skill-game.
if it has a good potential to fill our servers, why not?

but, i'm not going to play there ;)

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