what do you think about the Knife messages?

should we stay with the ingame knife messages?

  • yes

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • no

    Votes: 13 50.0%
  • i don´t care

    Votes: 8 30.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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different people, different opinions. :D some like it, some hate it. so let us doing a vote and a talking what the majority wants.

the vote will run 7 days so i think, everyone who like, can doing his vote.

this vote is in the open area so also regular player can say there opinions and make a vote.


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7 Jan 2021
South Bohemia
On the other hand, I like the messages Akh made. It would be fun if they could show only to the player that got stabbed like : AkharaVect : Hey StrrawberryA, you just lost your tallywags :D (yeah this is a bad example because this message is one of the short ones ) But other players would see just"StrrawberryA got knifed by AkharaVect!"

I know.. probably not possible


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19 Mar 2021
I originally voted for yes the messages should stay, but I've changed my mind. The chatlog is a bit too cluttered with these, seeing as they take up a couple of lines each. They were a bit of fun for a while but I'd rather be able to see what utter nonsense the members have spammed the message box with. (@CapHunterx and @1nfinity84, I'm looking at you) :)