[NSFW] Well now I have nearly seen it all - Fleshlight Launchpad for iPad

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Its a great idea. You can stick it to the wind screen in your car and use it as a sat nav.:cool:
lmao my college is flying to china next week to look at new products for us. he just ask if i had special wishes he had to look at. now i have LOL

Laka can i get some clan member discount if i buy my one from your company? :welsh: :rolleyes: I like support business of friends i always eat in same restaurant and if i want something like drink energy drink, Coca Cola or cup of coffee i go always that same restaurant where i have own constant table. Face towards door, wall behind me and window view to downtown. :) I want help good people by supporting their business becouse i know owner and i like staff. Personal life opening in ( ) marks:

(For example my friends who are refugees and former Kurdi soldiers are very good guys and strong allies. They don't fear anymore like us european peace time pussies who are never felt real "suppression effect" :p They have tattoos on their hands, and everybody who have tattoo is friend of friend. Picture can be little different but i know if i see text "Peshmerga" they are old army buddies of my friends and also my friends. Peshmerga means something like "They who confront death" so these guys have damn tough attitude. I like listen their stories about their home country, life and war when i eat if there is quiet time when there is time for personal talking.)
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