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19 Sep 2012
france , ardeche
this after noon these pictures of the sky seeing happening these funny cloud ....:rolleyes: ...
DSC02592 DSC02593 DSC02596 DSC02597 DSC02598

in the eventuality of an alien camouflage ....... , they may come i am ready .....LOL
Yeap Hollywood logic :D

apocalypse STARTS always in the USA so we are all save and can prepare us in the time the USA get destroyed ;)
Re : weird......

run old mad, aliens will coming soon, to teabag you
[video=youtube_share;UHdqrtLia1w][/video] .what is this ball that passes quickly (???) ,i filmed this cloud that i find pretty in its rapid displacement ,and watching my movie i noticed that thing (ball) which passes ,they are already among us ,lol
Enfin ils sont venus te chercher :D

Envoyez nous une carte s.v.p. quand tu arrives là

They finally come and get em

and I ask him to send us a card (and tell us : HOW to T-Bag an alien)
for those who have no view ,i slowed the film -0.125 with (movie maker) .... i do not know what it is ....:)[video=youtube_share;Ggraoz1g5EA][/video]
Doesn't look like a camera or digital artefact as it seems to have a shadow or at least the area away from the where the light source would appear to be.

Could either be:

1) NSA tracking device
2) Cloud storage :eek:
3) Even worse, a Google tracking device
@glen ,my camera is a Nikon coolpix L820 ,.....
@laka ,the sun was on my right ,
.....and ,i thought was an insect ,,,, but look a 0.07 secondes ,the cloud top (insect) or (ovni) enters in cloud and fate 0.085 in the midst of the cloud (in the midst of the cloud and the screen) ,even at idle it is hard to see the output ,but you see ....


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Probably a dust particle(s) that is floating around that is getting exaggerated by the focus being on the clouds. Certainly don't think the camera is doing anything strange or causing the problem because of the way the object moves. Almost a negative bokeh (pleasingly out of focus background) where the object is in front of the focus.

Either that or an angel orb!

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