webcam tank

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Lmao the cat and the black dogs look is saying "fuck off go away"
lmfao.....its good to see you are as good a tank driver in real life as you are ingame ! :p
thats why the cat kept backing away... He knew if he came any closer....FUCKING BOOM.....

vehicle disabled
vehicle destroyed
Lakaelo [C4] Cat
great vid lak the only thing we need is audio so we can hear you laughing
I bet your son doesn't have a change to touch the controller... Daddy's toy ;)

Nice vid mate and lmao "lakaelo [C4] cat"
dont worry laka' we can all hear your crazy laugh in our heads :)

hear it once you never forget :)
I love the part at 0.28 seconds where your kid launches the cat of the sofa

absolute classic
you wouldn't do it to the dog but the poor old cat gets it all the time i know i have a cat
How are you controlling it with iphone ipad (android device)its own controller ???? ive seen one on youtube being controlled by Ipad..

Does it stream to pc or do you up load ???
Many questions to ask the master i do mmmmm yes
won't get any of those tanks because elseway our boy emanuel won't do nothing else than using it all day and all night screaming "hands up. FBI!"
lmao bruce

you can control it over androit and iphone to. equal with the pads. you can download a free app called i-spy toy to control this things. the tank have a own wifi so the phone can login.

it can make pics or videos ( mjpeg format ) in a really good quality. saved on your phone ( at this where you install your software ) . i convert the video from mjpeg to avi so i can upload it to youtube.

i show it some customers of mine and they all have funny laugh if they try it and driving around.

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