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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Image As we have had the new look for a little while now and are probably past teething problems can I mention a few observations? I know web sites are not the easiest to maintain so I'm not looking for fixes or changes but just thought I would mention some of the things I am noticing.

I find navigation a bit hard. You click on forums but instead of getting the forums page to scroll down I always seem to get the menu appear. Happens on both PC and iPad.

The various segments scroll at different rates so you need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see some of the columns come into view.

Some of the page formatting is a bit off (see pic above) on iPad.

Just to reiterate, this is just to let you know. If something is an easy fix then fine but if it is going to take any effort at all then really don't worry as it may be just me.
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It's okay I only really use the site on my computer/phone so don't see all the problems, but thanks for reporting :). I'll take a look but I've never had the navigation problem,the drop down does appear but it still registers my click and takes me to the forums page? Also the different scrolling columns is annoying I was looking at it a while ago but forgot :D
The scrolling is fine now - thanks. (y)

The formatting is still the same but that could well be Safari on the iPad.

Naw it seems to happen at a certain size, I'm waiting for the theme dev to reply about it :)
Having to login every time even though the 'stay logged in' box is ticked. Happens on phone and iPad. Even if the page is left open next time I go in to the site I have to log in. Just wondering if something has changed.

I've not had any OS or other changes on either of my devices.

Again, not a big deal but was just wondering.
Nope nothing changed here, try clearing the cookies and signing in again. Haven't seen this problem sorry =/
I will take a look this weekend at all the issues :) been a bit busy recently (prob Sunday, as Saturday is drinking day :D)
It isn't a big deal so don't worry but thanks for checking. Password gets auto filled anyway so not a huge inconvenience. :)
Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data is what you need, then log out here if not already and it should create a new cookie, if that's what you mean :)
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Hey it's only been a year but I fixed the display problem.... I think :p

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