[BF4] We Are Done With This Community And Its Badmins!


11 Dec 2016
Hi all! I first of all want to say that this topic will most likely be removed due to it being inconvenient for the admins mentioned, since there is proof they are behaving like douchebags against players for no reason.

I will post this however so at least some guys in this community will learn the truth before someone decide to remove this.

When me an my crew joined NRU we thought it was the best server ever played. Admins who were funny,joking around and had good moral, a fast teamswitch setting to help with balancing games, and in general a kind player base. We even made a donation to this server to keep it going, since we believed that they were something special.

But oh so wrong we were. It started a while ago in a match where Rommelz started warning us for language. What I said was "You fockin didnt" to Glen when he SUAV'ed me. Had been trolling around with Glen a lot before but this Rommelz guy told me to "stop swearing" because "he dont like it". That is extra funny because his picture here on the forum says "I will not keep calm and you can fuck off". Surely you seem to have something against swearing. This incident most likely caused him to start a topic about us TBAG here on the forum, but I can only speculate about this topic since it seems to be hidden from me, probably in a NRU only section.

The next incident happened a couple of days ago when I was dogfighting (Jet vs Jet) a wellknown douchebag. He couldnt win in a fair fight in open air so he flew close to their "Spawn Carrier". I managed to kill him anyway and sent him a message in the chat that its sad he needs the Base Anti-Air to win a dogfight. Shortly after this Tousledmonkey wrote in the chat "Troll tools stop it". I asked "stop what?" and the answear I got was "You know what". No I don't thats why I asked? I told him/her the case, that xxWeedxxx was abusing the base AA to win a dogfight. I was told by tousled that there is no abuse BUT USE of the carrier AA. Thats funny because in all prior situations on this server Base camping is forbidden, both shooting from and at the redzone. Base campers have gotten warned and admin killed by Lakaelo, FortunaMagika and Llamaontheloose to name a few. But in this situation I turned out to be the bad guy, and I got kicked for "attitude" because I was not respecting an admin? By questioning Tousledmonkeys decision to allow xxWeedXxwhateverhisnameis to abuse the base AA to win a dogfight even tho IT IS CLEARLY AGAINST ONE OF THE SIMPLE 4 (just 4!) RULES ON THIS SERVER. But apparantly you have (or at least I have) an "attitude" if I dont blindly accept what an admin tells me, and Tousledmonkey didn't hesitate to tell us that there was a weeks-old topic here on the forum about us from TBAG. Apparantly the NRU waited for a reason to ban us according to this topic, and they have some kind of witchhunt on us. Again I can only speculate about this topic since I got no access to it, and I got no possibility to defend myself/explain myself to them for what they called "The TBAG attitude" that had been discussed in this topic. My wife was still playing when I got kicked for "attitude" and questioning this badmins decision. Tousledmonkey then told her to "Cry". Yes, you read right, a NRU admin telling my wife to cry. And according to the forum profile Tousledmonkey is 31 years old. Thats a real sweet and mature admin right there guys.

I tried to contact Lakaelo as soon as this happened, because I couldn't believe NRU admins was allowed to act this way. I trusted him and he was the one from NRU that I played and talked most with so I thought he would have a chat with Tousledmonkey about this behaviour. I also gave him some quotes from the chat log where a random guy was backing me up since he thought Tousledmonkey was being a badmin accusing me of not respecting admins and questioning the NRU rules.

The answear I got from Lakaelo was extremely dissapointing. He just gave me my chatlog, completely out of context, and told me to "read it careful no matter the time it takes". Of course I got emotional and didnt sugarcoat anything when an admin was telling me someone who was clearly breaking the rules had right to do it, and that I was the one who should watch it.

I tried to explain everything in more detail to lakaelo, and I also gave him the chatlogs of Tousledmonkey, and Rommelz who later joined the server and wrote "Bag bitchin' about kick". I asked him if this is the way NRU admins should behave.

Waited a couple of days for the answear, and when it came, it started like this:
"sorry mate, i will not read all this stuff. "
I was showing him proof of NRU admins behaving VERY badly against us, trying to explain what happened, and that was the answear I got.

And all who reads this might think: Well thats how it is in battlefield servers. Admins dont give a shit about the players and can do whatever they want.
Yes that is true, but we had higher hopes from this server. Its what fooled us to make a donation, and that was the worst spent money in our entire life.

I hope the ones who wanted us out of this server for whatever reason are happy. Good job, you won.
But for the other players like us who do nothing wrong, help out our team and try to make a nice game experience for everyone, reporting and acting against those who go against the rules and try to ruin the game for others: Be aware of this server. It is not what you think it is, it is just another server filled with badmins who can all of a sudden decide that you are annoying to them so they can and will get rid of you for whatever reason they feel.

I would suggest everyone to stay out of this server so it dies, and for the love of good do not make any donations based on false facts like we did.

I will try and include chat logs from me and lakaelo as an attatchment for further proof and for anyone questioning my credibility.


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sorry to say, but again, you made a small thing to a outstanding "event". i don´t know what you are doing in real life but even in real life you have to handle different people with different feeling or orientation in different situations. for the one, some commends to other player are more intens as for some others. same as in reallife. If you are a stiff guy with funny, trolling or sometime self-confident comments than YOU have to see/learn how to handle every guy or how the opposite side reacting on that. not everyone else have to handle YOUR attitute. thats how a community works normaly. it need time to know other guys, in this case player, so you know how they are or react.

With his "stop it" Tousledmoneky wanted to say that you should stop this taunts against weed and i don´t think you are such stupid that you not get it. this is not to save weed in any way but this is the work that a admin have to do because it looks shit for other player if they read that too and it will not end.

sadly, with this posting you confirmed the "problem" which was shown up before. A triffle need to be blow up to a event we have to discuss over days and hours. how i told you before, we all doing this in our freetime and even more ingame, every admin is also a player and will also play some nice rounds and not doing the same debate hourly ingame. we have to see that 48 player have a good time as much as possible and thats why no admin i do know, doing long debate ingame or don´t stop long insults or taunts to other player. sadly this player than always pulling out the "badmin" card and moaning about that but never realise the other situation on the other site. guess it would help if you ever were a admin on a server.

however, if you always try to stand on your point of view and always have to debate everything interminable than you will get everywhere, means servers or/and reallife, sooner or later, a problem.
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2 May 2012
That’s what I call a sweeping blow.
When we feel frustrated we tend to act like this.
Letting off steam is one thing but to wish harm to others is quite another.

It's tragically common that so many of us spend so much of our conversations with one another complaining about other people.
And why do we complain? Because the other people have disappointed us.
We always have a story about someone but it’s pointless to blow up a controversy to such gigantic proportions.

I am sorry to say that but the sole purpose of your post seems to be one thing: To discredit some admins and to damage their reputation and that of our server.
You seem to refuse to believe that in such conflicts there isn’t always only one person to blame.

Taking responsibility is acknowledging and accepting the choices you have made, the actions you have taken, and the results they have led to, so there is no need to wallow in self-pity or to name and shame some clan members.
It is very easy to play the victim but mature people accept responsibility for their actions and admit their mistakes by accepting their share of the blame.
They assimilate facts, rather than ignore or dismiss them and they usually tend to control their impulses.

True, being sometimes overwhelmed by emotions is an integral part of our lives, we all have to deal with it at times.
Sadly enough, you fail to keep a balanced perspective by taking into accout other points of view as well.
There was a reason why you chose this server as your favourite one in the first place – you once enjoyed playing here, you appreciated our admins who do a very good job.

I can accept displays of anger, yes, but what I cannot tolerate is malevolence - this won’t get you very far in life.
There are always two sides to every story.
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EL Claymortarer
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10 Oct 2012
Tools I think you are right and agree with you when you say this is not the place for you.
For someone who takes offence over simple words like "stop it" "you know what" and "cry" and then let rip with foul and personal abuse at good people who have more goodness in their little finger than you have in your whole body.
We welcomed you into our little NRU home like we would any one else and just because you donated doesn't give you the right to trash it or the good people in it.
You are a pathetic drama queen who throws their toys out of the pram when they are not getting their own way.
I for one will not miss you and think a ban is too good for you.
Grow up just Grow up
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3 Jun 2013
Bonn, Germany
I am actually not sure whether to really thoroughly answer to the whole topic to show how well trolls turns around the whole story or just to ignore it.
If you type "Jan 2, 2017" into the chatlog and scroll to about page 85 (the whole story started around 15:40) you can read for yourself.

I am in between the urge of defending myself and the pride of not having to do so because I have the whole clan behind me.

I will still pick out a few misconceptions.

Trolls was bantering weed69 about the base AA;
- The way trolls saw it was that you can't go back to your base because the AA will shoot the attacker. (Hence his comparison that you can't go back to base as a tank in Zavod, which of course you can as long as you don't shoot from it)
- The way I saw it was that if you follow your target to its base and get shot, well better get out of the proximity of that AA.

A person with which you can calmly talk would have de-coded my "stop it" into "stop accusing him of abusing the aa in the base", but trolls wanted to take it a step further. Of course I cannot prove this, but my gut instinct said that he very well understood what I meant.

The point being unacceptable is the admin decision of "using the automatic aa is not shooting from base", which has always been that way in my understanding, and the request of rules by trolls to show me that he was right. He then misunderstood my "i suggest you are quiet now and play" (chatlog 15:41 Jan 2, 2017) into "quit" and lost his temper. That for him was the end of normal discussion. Snek joined with "well he has to communicate in some way lol, do you expect him to use sign language???" so now two players started to quarrel with me. Turning around my messages in a way I could not even reply quick enough before the other had a witty comeback like "what the hell has crawled up yours today lol...", "apparently anyone can become an admin now", "we are not allowed to write?" (which I never said), "perhaps u can read my mind instead" until I was fed up and told them "stop discussing. i wont continue this. next: kick". After four more grumpy messages that told me troll won't end this, I kicked him.

As now one of his main judgemental points is that I told his wife to cry. Yes I did that, If you compress the whole conversation into one point of view. He didn't mention that this was a comeback to calling me "sad", I said "then cry". In the heat of being verbally attacked, nothing comes out very elegant.

It started with a misunderstanding and the attitude of three tbag members putting an admin in the wrong before all other players. Donating money does not give you the opportunity to do that. I also does not allow you to have the last word about admin decisions.
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15 Mar 2012
England, UK
What's his addiction to people's age and his perception of how they should act depending which age band they fall into?


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25 Dec 2016
I think this whole thing is kind of immature.
Seriously. It's JUST A GAME.
Which we're supposed to enjoy.
Yes, it happens to me too, like, sometimes to be accused of something i didn't do or didn't mean. like manning an AA and shooting from "A", and when i get surrounded by Tanks, Engee's and LAV's so you know, not just wait to die, i fall back to base for repairs while NOT SHOOTING A SINGLE BULLET from base and being told stop base camping and shooting from base (Camping? was like, what, 15 second healing spree max, not touching even a single jet)
Which is just one example, and there's a choice to keep fighting and taking it hard, or just you know, let it go because maybe it's illegal (I don't think so but maybe i'm wrong)
and like try to avoid it...
I don't see myself having a 14 y/o anger strike and start such a big deal.

I don't really know Tools well. but i have to say, when i started to read the thread i had the immediate urge to check the age, because it felt like truly uncalled for an adult...