Warsaw revamped open alpha !!!

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where's my AEK?
NRU Member
22 Nov 2020
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
sure. but this settings have to be get "opened" somewhere in the client so you can setup this in the warsaw server. this means who can control this is some player using/creating a tool to adjust some settings in "normal" gameplay on the warsaw server too.

see what i mean....

"normal" battlefield -> increase hit damage / more SPM / more KPM = ban
"normal" battlefield -> increase spead = ban
"normal" battlefield -> increase/change gravity = ban

all this settings are mostly also used by every anticheat and plugin must be "off" or without any limitation to create this warsaw server settings. so there will be also assholes who will use this to get some more advantage and getting some cheat tools for the warsaw server and they will be hard to catch because you can not use any of the "normal" anticheat plugins.
Yep thats true just hope for the best then

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