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Friend of the NRU
9 Feb 2014
Melanie (prefer mel)

Age- 28 (rude to ask a lady her age) :p


ingame name- ULTralViolet - the l is a little L

no previous bans as im aware of

id be good for NRU cos its basically a sausage fest atm right, and you know you cant say no to violet comon plus i will probably get harrassed by lee constantly :/, i only currently play bf4 and 2 i havent got 3 but i will do my best to populate your servers i work 5 days a week mainly mornings twice a week i do afternoons so yeah, plus my old clan dont really play bf4 lol

reccomending nru members? i dont know wont name any but im sure there are a few that wouldnt mind me joining anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did i pass did i pass???? xD :welsh: <---- lee
ok, after mel is a long long time well known name in this clan we doing a short way of application and start the vote and all heil the new boo... eh girl will join NRU. also we have to be fast before she regret this. lol

backgroundcheck is done and i have to say...."nice pics mel" lol otherwise all is clear. so i will start the vote today and this will run 3 days.
Gets my Recommendation ..

lmao look who is first if some nice girl will join our clan? lol will not say anything but its a little bit conspicuous that you are the first here :joker:

always the cock lol.. no violet is an old friend

or maybe your secret lovechild ?? ;) .... I am right aren't I ? :)

Sorry Ultra'/ Mel , good luck with your application , atb , rich.
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gets my recommandation too

and Mel i think age wouldnt have been important... you should only be over 18 ;)
But i already forgot your age again and so do the other gentlemen

Nice to have you here always cool playing with ya ;) you look after your m8s really good :D more teamplay than any of the other clancocks
yeah i think i should takeover an call the clan moobs are us xD not boobs paha,
lol you have a word for this :D english is such a nice language why isnt it my mothertongue ^^
mels pretty much been a part of this clan for years but it will be great to see her sporting NRU Tags
Hi Mel..... always the same, a girl shows up and all these cocks come's out of their caves. :)
regards SEK
Best of luck with your applcation Ultra.

She gets my vote, I've seen her play and she's very fair.
You can have all the sausage in the world you need ketchup for the complete experience.

Because sausage is no good without ketchup.

And lol, Boobs For Us. That's the best clan name ever.

Ever :D
Hi Mel, nice you decided join. :) When im drunk and loving everybody on chatbox next time it doesn't sound so gay anymore if we have 2 girls in clan lol. :rolleyes:
Got my vote Mel. Adds to the diversity too which cannot ever be a bad thing. We seem to have a good range of ages and balancing the genders (though I suspect that may take a little longer) even if only slightly is a positive. What I like the NRU for is that I don't really know if anyone here is black, white, red, green, orange (from too much fake tan), male, female, gay, alien (sometimes you get the impression some can be transmitting from a different planet), or from any country - it doesn't matter. That is a fantastic achievement and if only the rest of the world was like that.
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