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Probably will depend on how much £/€ you are willing to spend! An upgrade to v13 shouldn’t cost too much and will probably give you many benefits. I suspect what you have is going to do most of what you should need. After Premier Elements you are probably going to have to spend quite a bit to get anything better. You are probably going to have to go to full fat Premiere or something like Sony Vegas. An other alternative is Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum – never tried it but I would suspect that it would be similar to what you already have.

It may be worth buying a decent book on Elements as it is already a very capable piece of software and a lot of options are similar to the full fat version. There are also plenty of video tutorials out there which are free.

When you say more effects, what do you mean? Sometimes subtler effects are better than the whizz bang stuff. A good idea is to watch TV shows and documentaries and see how they use transitions and effects. In many respects it is like when word processors first appeared. There was a huge choice of fonts and everybody tried to use all of them in a single document. It is possibly best to limit the use of effects within a video.

As with most photography, try and capture an image or video that is as near as you can to what you want at the time. For example, check the exposure and white balance settings before you shoot. Obviously this depends on you having enough time do that. Try and avoid digital zooms generally and also try to not zoom too much whilst recording. Let the subject do the movement - try and not follow it too much. Slow, short pans are ideal.

If I’m hand holding a camera for video this is what I try and do… First, hold the camera lower with both hands so you can wedge your elbows into your body. Most times, using the camera single handed can cause wobble. Second, if you are going to do a pan aim yourself towards the middle of the shot. Then, turn at the waist keeping your legs in the same position to the start point. Start recording and slowly move at your waist towards the end point.

Software video stabilisation can work but you do start to loose quality. If you film in 2k or better for example, that gives you a lot of room to produce a decent HD clip. Having strong and stable camera mounts helps to avoid wobble and shake. Using a gimbal can help with hand-held camera shake but with practice you can get smooth and pretty stable video. YouTube has quite a lot of home made video mounts that can help with camera stabilisation.

What do I use?

I use Final Cut Pro X for video editing running on an i7 Mac Mini server. Does most things that Premiere does but I find it easier to use. Special effects can really take a lot of processing. Colour balancing was the only tweak I made to the Paint Drying video. Though I used a light source there was also daylight (which was also changing throughout). No colour balance took about 2 hours to render, with colour balance it too about 8 hours to render! Other than buying a 16 core 64GB Mac Pro it will take a while to do more complicated stuff. For some simple videos I use Windows Movie Maker and for others I use iMovie on iPad/iPhone/Mac. Easy and quick to use.
oh, i only need the sabilizer for the dogs if they have the cam on. normaly i use the premiere but i bought this magix fastcut yesterday as a little tool for some semi automatic video cuts. looks very nice and easy to use because i don´t like to sit hours on some petty videos.

what i mean with effects is the one you can see here in the first video. so you not only have this simple crossfade with some grafic.
MAGIX Video Pro X7 - Funktionen

but i think this is the point where you even have to spent more money to have professionell effekts and i think i am not willing to pay this money just for my little fooling around with the videos.
After a search Welcome to! - seems to be something that is popular with some GoPro filmmakers. Deshaker is a plug-in for Virtualdub Deshaker - video stabilizer. Both of them seem to be free. Not tried either but will have a look next week.

For the dogs I would suggest using the highest resolution you can but still has reasonable frame rates. You don't need to go to 4K but 2K will give you a lot of extra room for any de-shake software to work with.

I try and use 1080P at 60 fps and use NTSC rather than PAL. These settings seem to give the best compromise of quality and sound seems to stay in-sync until the final output is produced.
uuuaaauuu...virtualdub is a bit to...basic for me lol

guess is stay what i have now. start to like the new magix fastcut because i really can do a short movie in some minutes and thats ok atm. so i think i can use a combination of fastcut and premiere just how i need it. made some 2k dow video today with the new AEE S71 cam and i really like it.

still have to try it with the dog collar. maybe tomorrow :D
premier pro or go home with empty german content on your cam lol 7p per dvd "0r so i have been told"

- - - Updated - - -

OH and i know a chunky love god that also happens to have about 15gig of training dvd,s from even zee germans could do this all the way up to "well you should be scottish clever to do this but yuo can try to follow alonmg" lol
still have to try it with the dog collar. maybe tomorrow :D

I now have this image of the dog attached to the drone....

I think many people were using the virtualdub and plugin to do the stabilisation and then use something else. I'll have a look when I get a chance.

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