User manual for women

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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
" of all the things in the world the only thing that doesn't come with a operators manual is a woman."

Sorry to disagree but women do come with an operators manual, the only problem is we (men) aren't allowed to read it and if we could it would be in a different language!

Couple of things I have learnt from 25+ years of marriage:

1) Listen but don't comment, you will get grief for not saying anything but that is better than saying something that you live (if you are lucky) to regret and will be forever referred to from now to eternity. A woman's memory doesn't fade or get reset no matter what they say!
2) How do you make a woman's mind work? Get them flowers/chocs/any gift for no apparent reason will automatically make them assume you are guilty or have done something you feel guilty for or you have just bought a new PC/Care etc. However, if you do it often (but not too often) enough you will train them to thin you are being romantic and caring because you just are. So when you do buy guilt flowers/chocs/etc they won't be suspicious.

Did find this though:

Your Woman: An Instruction Manual for Men: Martin Baxendale: Books

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