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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
We get sparrowhawks in the garden quite often but I've never been able to get a half decent photo of one. Usually have a camera ready and primed but they are usually too fast!

The second one is of the Forth Road Bridge - just down the road from me. Has been tweaked a little.


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Thats cool Glen, would like to see more pics, looks like youre on a nice place.
@Mac ive worked in the coffin industry all my life :p
But the factories ive worked in have always made furniture of some sorts and thats where i got my skills from ;)
Im a works manager these days but i get all the good jobs like making tables Bars etc for the big Boss for different projects

Heres some pictures of a Bar i was making some time ago

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Nice work Andy.that bar has such nice crisp lines. It's beautiful what finish will u use on it?
@ glen : very nice photo hawks great catch ,thank you to show us what ..........: D
@ andy : nice work , nice table chessboard .................... you have more than done pawns lol
them northern birds are hot ooop[s wrong sort:) i do a lot of wood craft out of logs wood turning etc :)

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