[tutorial] How To Hide Ping In Battlefield?!

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NRU Member
10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
As I played few days ago on NRU, and on the hamerhead map my ping disappeared,it was weird to me cuz it never happened before xD so I decided to go deeper in that case and try to figure out if there's something with what you can actually hide it for real and I did find something :D So I made a video of it hah ^^ and as I said in the video I'M NOT SUPPORTING PING HIDING! I just did it for fun and I wont use it while I'm actually playing! :)
maybe I'll be hated for this but still idk I just wanted to show it lol
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Nice video - it is useful to know why people would hide their ping and how they are doing it. For me, it doesn't matter what the other players pings are as I will get killed regardless! I think we would only kick for ping if it was genuinely causing issues. Would never show it to my wife as that voice would..... :D

Interested in knowing how you made the video and what you use for titles etc. as that would be useful for creating "how to" videos.
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but high pingers can really ruin bf4 servers...

in bf2 we had no problems with our south african players but since bf3 the whole server starts to lagg... so i see a point in high ping kicks ^^

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