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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I think there should be more people involved in governments that are not career politicians so that there is a view of how real people are affected. Career politians seem so far removed from normality. Blair for example was Labour yet had never a a normal job and is worth about $60m so is hardly going to have the same concerns as a family on minimum wage.

So Trump who has never had any political or governmental experience gets the top job. That is OK if you take advice from more experienced people. The people he is surrounded himself are not the people you look up to and respect. The woman that just got sacked for disagreeing withe the ban of people from those countries was sworn in on the basis of doing just that - acting as a conscience for the system. There are some truly scary people in positions of influence. It is hard to see them as doing it for anything but self gain.

Yes Trump got voted in. How many people didn't vote for Clinton expecting her to win? They should have a little bit of blame.

Wilst the media are never perfect they too should have been exposing all the lies Trump was spouting throughout the campaign. But media corporations are businesses too and their owners have political leanings. Clinton is not saintly either yet the email server thing seemed to be exaggerated and ultimately a non-event. But do the media of FBI hound any of Trumps team that are doing exactly that?

In this age there are so many sources of information that anything online can be retrieved. Trump used Twitter a lot during the campaign spouting nonsense and lies. Things that were easily proven wrong. But so many people are too lazy to check for themselves what is real and what is not. The likes of CNN and other organisations chose not to ask the hard questions during the campaign. They chose not to follow up on Trump's behaviour. Even now allegations just get ignored because there is nobody with balls to investigate them. They can be dismissed as fake like a lot of other stuff.

There are quite a few US presidents that have been less than perfect (JFK & Clinton spring to mind) but I never felt that they were inexperienced politically. Same for European leaders and politicians, most have experience that can be respected if not agreeing with their views. Trump has a niavity that is dangerous and not an asset. There is a real possibility that people do have a lot of influence over him because of information (or video :eek: ) they may have.

I hope there are people with nads to keep him and the rest of them away from the stupid stuff.
I guess voting of Trump was protest of annoyed regular people. They did not vote Trump for himself, they voted him becouse hes change, something else than earlier. Something new and people wanted see how that would go. You can see this same thing in every country, people are angry becouse corrupted leaders dont think best of people anymore. Leaders and richest 1% pretty much just blows each others in ring and shows middle finger to 99% of people. Then biased media says what is "official truth" and everybody who does not agree are labeled to racists or dumb hicks or something like that. :D
Heikk nailed it! Not much more to say.
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Heikk nailed it! Not much more to say.

Same for the Brexit vote. There needs to be reforms in the EU but those benefiting the most are reluctant for any change.

Trump was a refreshingly different from the normal candidates. But, and it is a BIG but, Trump is a moderately wealthy narcissistic buffoon. He is used to people say yes and rarely no. Social media and to some extent traditional media was feeding his ego and narcissism because nobody thought he would win. Now though, that same ego food source is starting to starve him. It showed withe the inauguration crowd figures. People were probably telling him it was the best ever but when evidence was revealed to show the opposite he goes all wobbly. If he can get that upset about crowd numbers what will happen when Putin or someone else really yanks his chain?
It is easy to dismiss a lot of what the media says and it often needs a huge pinch of salt to go with it but that Kellyanne Conway is a real piece. When you start using the fictional "Bowling Green Massacre" as the reason for immigration bans it makes any press or media organisation look almost perfect. They/she seems to truly believe their own lies. Is it a deliberate ploy to get all the protesters in to action and ware them down so that there is gradually not protest or resistance for changes planned for the future.

How can repealing the act that stops people with mental health issues purchasing guns EVER be a good thing?

It makes you wonder.

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You know, I am again wondering about mankind.... Against Dictators who killed thousands of People in their countrys nearly noone protests or cares. But against a egomanic guy with just a big mouth millions of people protest all around the world as if he were the worst man on planet....
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Its also kinda funny how "peaceful" and "tolerant" people are acting after their candidate lost. Hypocrite people marching on streets, breaking and burning stuff. :D
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I hate that governments are not forceful in their condemnation of atrocities and even more so that you get diplomatic sanctions that often seem to be ineffective. They often have little effect except on the normal people as the elite classes remain relatively unaffected. Also, when you see people like Saddam and Gadhafi in power for so long you wonder why they are not 'removed' or captured for trial against humanity. Whilst I wouldn't normally condone murder when some of these people are truly evil there would appear to be a rational if not good argument for it some times.

Another difference nowadays, even when compared to five years ago, is that people have a voice that can be heard through the various social media outlets that we have. Even mainstream TV reporting has changed because of new technology and the ability to present live video and news using some basic things like mobile phones that previously required satellite trucks and so on. The likes of North Korea and China control the media and prevent the masses from knowing what is going on and as a result control them. Learning from the past it can be seen that by controlling and manipulating the media, regimes or dictators can maintain their powers.
What Trump or more probably his advisers seem to be doing is trying to justify their actions. The Bowling Green Massacre gaff is a good example. They try and justify a travel ban by referring to a non-existent event.

What Trump is doing can affect everybody. The executive order to dismantle the safe-guards in place to prevent bankers being wankers is an example. If those safe-guards are removed and you end up with another crash that affects not only people in the US but also elsewhere as that in turn affects our pensions and savings. With other countries there is accountability where in most cases there are discussions before implementation of laws or regulations. Trump has the ability to start wars and the worrying things is that either he is a yes man doing what others are telling him or potential worse people do what he says without question.
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Its also kinda funny how "peaceful" and "tolerant" people are acting after their candidate lost. Hypocrite people marching on streets, breaking and burning stuff. :D

I bet many of the protestors are the ones that didn't vote so it is their fault!
Thats also a thing with the "exaggerated" Alternative Facts.
This example you posted from the conservative Nation, there are several sites with this name. So everyone could have posted it. Just because some News showed it it has to be real. And even it is real, there are fake news from both "parties". That's what I meant before... And that non existing Bowling green Event, seems to come from an uninformed Trump spokesman. There was an incident but not a massacre, as far as I know there were two men arrested who planned a terror attack and maybe she meant that so a massacre was prevented.... But press only reported that she invented that but not the backrounds. At least you can exaggerate everthing. How many times former governments lied?! Now its Trump everything is blown up by the press. And thats just hypocrisy..... At the end you don't like Trump, I don't like him but I for me don't belive everything what media tells..
Peace and out :D
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Agree. Few people fact check what is printed by press. Also, too many believe what is seen on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Diets and cancer scares are often in the press despite dodgy data and no proper studies. Most of the time the result depends on who commissioned the study.
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thats the same as there are still thousands of ignorant morons posting the facebook coments "... with this pic i disagree the new facebook terms....blablabla" nobody doing a bit or just the smallest thing to get self informed. just copy and paste or sharing stupid shit and take it for real.

LOOL i guess that is a point i really going up in the air. even more i read this on pages from some "friends" lol still not get it how you can be so stupid and uninformed.

same situation as the scary "raffles" at facebook. "we giving out 1000 iphones because the packaging is please like and share...." and thousand and thousand idiots sharing this lol
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I have a very good example for Fake News from our "big" news channels. (The funny thing is that they are the ones who always denounce Fake News)
Some weeks ago a big internet provider was hacked and some of their servers were down. The big News Channels and Papers reported that it was a hacker attack from Russia, ordered by russian government.
I had a look at the providers website then and there they denied that it was a russian attack, that they don't know where the attack came from.
But the big News Channels and Papers reported that again and again....

And at a side note the Russia bashing from big news Channels and some parties here is just ridiculous! (For sure Putin is not a orphan/ waisenknabe but that reporting is bullshit)
I hope that there are enough people who don't belive all that bullshit!
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Serious, I can't hear that Anti-Trump reporting anymore. Whatever he does, media calls everything a tragedy or eclat and blow up every little tiny thing.
And every day they talk about Trump's impeachment... so sooner or later they get their will!
Even Trump would ensure world peace media would report that in a negative way.
For sure alot of People don't like him and he is not a pleasant person at all but what media does has nothing to do with democracy and neutral reporting! People voted for him but "They" can't accept that!
If you like him or not in a democracy there are always different opinions and it is "frightening" that exactly those who call themselves Democrates behaves so anti democracy......
Had to be said :tbag:
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Yeah but there is a lot of evidence for foreign involvement in his current government
Yeah but there is a lot of evidence for foreign involvement in his current government
You mean the Russia case? Is there proven evidence?
And btw I think there is no government with no involvment from backround people...

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