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3 Jun 2013
Bonn, Germany
Hi folks,

some of you may know me from playing on the no fly server in BF2 already.
I am a passionate BF2 player, the teamplay and simplicity is outstanding I think.

However, due to a virus on my system, I got banned by PB for aimbot violation.
First, this sounded like a dumb joke. I felt insulted as cheaters not only ruin the game
but also show no ambition to face the challenge of actually learning to master the

I hope to get the ban lifted soon and join you again,
see you on the battlefield,
Hi. That's sad if that's true... You have to appeal to PB, explain things and ask unban from them. Then you can play here again too if they lift your ban. Until that we can do nothing, here is policy people who have banned by anti cheat organizations are not allowed play on NRU-servers. Somebody who knows more will help you and give more information when they see this thread.
Thanks Heikkinen!
That virus manipulated the RAM data, and that was what PB detected.
Thank you for your help, I already reported to EvenBalance but as I heard
it can take a long time until their support moves a finger - if they do it at all.

I'm bidding on another BF2 license on eBay, maybe that works with my player name!
If I lost all my points in BFHQ, that would suck and I would move along to BF4 then.

So maybe see you soon!
I'm glad that you are back, tousledmonkey, for you are a fair and considerate player. :)
So, long time no update, PBBans replied really quickly with the note that this problem occurred frequently during that time. They had to double check and I had to confirm that I removed the virus.
I am capturing flags since June again, thanks lakaelo for looking up the proof! :)

Thanks a lot Lady Musketeer, thats nice of you. I can return the compliment: BF2 has become more than the casual shootout when I started to recognize players I like to have in my team/squad, meaning you and all the other NRU members. It is a guarantee for fun and teamplay! :cool:

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