Too easy !

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21 Sep 2013
Bordeaux, FR
Thank you bond76 for the ban all week long !

Santa Claus didn't bring you what you wanted !? Are you in a bad mood !?
You definitively knows that I didn' want to kill you by this way, landing my heli on you !
I was trying to land close to you and avoiding your nades by the same time !
If I really wanted to kill you by ramming, I wouldn't have wasted so much time !

I've been killed too by you in the same map, the same day, at market place flag. And the game said "by Cobra" !!!...

I have always been a fair player, respecting the rules (excepting the one I didn't know...) .
Other rulebreakers are banned for a round and I 'm banned for a week !

You know !?
Ban me for ever coz I go to BF3 now !

Bye NRU and happy Easter !!!


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2 May 2012
close to Hamburg
Spliffy, it looked VERY intentional going up and down with your heli and it looked very much like you wanted to toss me into the ground.
And when you were killed at Market Place you were killed by one of my mines below your heli. I was in a heli same time, but at a different flag.

and yes, I was and I am in bad mood because our Server sucks more and more due to all the rulebreakers but even worse with all the tankrapers. This afternoon I had no other Chance than to Play AT all the time.
It cant be our Server sucks and me as clan member cant Play on it anymore because GUESTS ruin it with constant tankwhoring. I am completely fed up.
And as I said funny enough the People tend to Report only enemies who break rules....and I got killed just before you killed me with Heli by a swedish yes, I am done !!!

Sorry you got the ban hammer in the end, but I was extremely fed up to be killed by someone who knows the rules and as I said it looked extremely intentional.

If you say, it was not your Intention, OK we can lift the ban.
If you dont care, then ok, too.
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20 Oct 2012
Hi time u better can jump out,than u'r sure u cant have a chopperkill

and what Bond says...there are to much peeps now who ruin the game,i had it last night too was only plaing as a cap

kind regards Jack


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4 Aug 2012
to me it is a great shame that no fly has become like this.. playing a fair game wil rarely get you big points, imho.
it used to be a great server and this is why i made it my home , but i don,t often enjoy playing now . decent guys n gals would not find it so appealing now i think ... sorry .


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20 Oct 2012
Too paranoid to tell it :P
So glad IO is my main game..don't have to put up with this crap! :)

Only endless nade spam and choke point camping, you are soooo lucky hihihi. :welsh:

Population of Locker 24/7 -server is always something like that:

- 30x nadespammer
- 30x chokepoint camper
- 3x cheating scumbag
- 1x pervert Mari who likes these servers :D
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