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Tony Stirton

New Member
17 Jan 2014
Swindon, Wiltshire
Hi guys. Some of you already know me through BF2. I found the site by accident and decided to give you a shout. I was thinking of joining the Clan but I'm not too sure as to how I go around this. Do I need to be voted in or anything? I've been playing on your server for over a year now and enjoy it loads. Thank you for providing me with somewhere that I'm not bombed all the time lol. Keep up the good work. T
Double poooost :D spammers detected! loool

Omg i have rival threating my position as official spam king. :D

Hi and welcome Tony, i remember you as regular player of BF2 No Fly -server. :)
tony gets my vote any day of the week , high tony and welcome to bullshit city central ,,you will hear it all here mate , lol , atb , rich ..
ps . we like BS
Hello Sir Tony, nice to meet you not only on the battlefield but on the forum as well.
Welcome! :)
Same from me, nice to see you here. Again, one of the names that you somehow connect positively with fun games on the BF.
well lots of positive feedback from our bf2 members so its a yes from me!!!!!
Hi Tony I'm sexy I used to play bf2 a lot but I moved into bf3 & now 4.uh the bf
2 guys say that u are good I say we could always use more quality clan mates with great attitudes :)
:welcome: in the forum tony ,and nofly=NRU= server it is the best of the best the bf2 server ,see you there with pleasure ..:)..
Welcome to NRU-forum lol its pretty much something like that:

I can't play BF3 anymore, too many of it's maps are terrible choke point shit. Im so happy on BF4 where you have lots of ways move, better weapon and vehicle balance etc... Im propably never coming back to BF3. :( You have to come BF4, i promise you get lots of pwnage and tbag after that. You can ask that from fides, he got today some experience of that. :D
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