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26 Aug 2012
Anyone going to be buying/playing it. I've been playing the beta and well it's fucking amazing to be completely frank.

We should *cough puts it out there* run a server for it ;)
yeah I liked it darky, not sure how it would be long term but there is talk of some really interesting dlc to come which sounds super cool & the beta apparently only scratches the surface of the full game but I like what I've seen so far so am probably gonna get it, only problem is I am defo gonna get dark souls II & I've got watchdogs on pre-order so could get a little expensive in the next few weeks
I bought it and i play it well worth the buy.

It brings back memories of UT2004, Quake and brink.

Definitely worth getting if you have a strong stomach for extremely fast paced and skillfull play styles.

I bought it and i havent been let down yet.

The only thing i really miss about games like this is dedicated servers though im pretty sure if you do team based games you can really get into the swing of the games style.

Also GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS who wouldnt want to run around in 1 and tear people limb from limb :D
I'll have to have a look, Im a sucker for anything that starts with Tit. :banned:
i bored of the game fast in beta not for me unless i can get it real cheap
i bored of the game fast in beta not for me unless i can get it real cheap

Well when it Originally released it cost 60 euro in EU i bought it for 30 euro from G2A.com my brother got it even cheaper and bought it for 23 euro.

You can find some pretty decent games on G2A.com for next to nothing.
cdkeyhouse I got it for 28 odd euros (23 GBP) !

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