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But whyyyyyyyyyyy?

dont know why. think it must be some crazy stuff doing there to push this. that not a normal "look about" in wiki lol
them craaaaazeeeee Germans eh

all that Gluwein & thigh slapping has taken its toll
I've tried it at a German market in Manchester but tasted like paint stripper to me (with a hint of cinnamon)

you do rather excellent sausages&brats though, so for that you are forgiven your cul-de-sac fetish
That's because a German market in Manchester is a British market, Mike :D Try it over here and you'll like it!

Yeah he told me he loves the red ones, fresh and spunky from porks. But do you like foreskin on it or do you prefer the muslim version?
AW: This is for our German members

Ö.ö u should see what Germans think about Britain, lol thats more funny.... Britains are the first they go for TV Naked at Buero, lol thats really British. and Britains eat very mixxed EAT i dont know we eat all but better sortet . ^^

Glühwein and some nice Cookies are the best come to Germany i give u a Sleeping place and we go Drinking allot of that ^^
@ Sam & puia yes I love sausages're both a pair of wrong 'uns, big fat foreskinned bangers eh.... Im shocked at your filthy gutter trash talk

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