[Event] The Wednesday will be the Wild Wednesday now


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Once again that was fun. The CTF mode needed 12 flags captured. Tried changing it through ProCon but guessing that because the round had started nothing changed. Was a good selection of maps and modes.
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NRU Heed
Hello, so today we had a bit of fun in Air Superiority and I was wondering if it could be added to Wild Wednesday once in a while. What do you think ?
air superiority is a bit tricky because its only for 24 player max.
its "working" with more player, what means that the player above 24 not getting kicked but they have to wait to spawn into a vehicle. so basically you can only run this mode on a half full server. same as today i just put some airsupperior maps on when the server is starting. just for fun and have some variety. but i guess its not possible to put this into the "normal" map rotation.
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